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Dirt Bike Tech Tips

How To Find Hard to Find Parts for a Dirt Bike Rebuild

Some riders like a challenge and one that doesn't involve a triple. Trying out different machines comes with the territory for those who have spent time on a dirt bike. Subtle nuances here, pretty big distinctions there all help define specific ...

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How To Properly Adjust Dirt Bike Handlebars

The handlebars on a dirt bike can be most finicky often ruining rides and just making the whole process of steering quite frustrating. Handlebars come loose seemingly at the most inopportune time leaving you with limited control and adjusting th...

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Benefits of a Motocross Wrist Brace

Dirt bike riders have access to lots of protection that protect their bodies from injury in the event of a crash. Most wear the standard protective set-up which includes helmet, boots, goggles and gloves. In fact, without those four assets most ...

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Do This Before Ripping a Lap on Your Dirt Bike

You've reached the track, put on your gear and as excitement bubbles over you simply can't wait to throw a leg over your dirt bike, grab a handful and start ripping some laps. Just hold on there for a sec... Slow down and grab some patience bef...

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Tire Mousse: A Guide to Foam Tubes and Flat Free Tires

Slippery sons of... Oh, hello. We're talking about the tire mousse. Makes you long for chocolate a bit, but ultimately a mousse insert, or tire mousse or Bib Mousse, as coined by Michelin, replaces the standard inner tube in a dirt bike tire and ...

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Motorcycle Headlights: One of the Best Initial Upgrades for Your Motorcycle

It's all about being seen. And a primary way of being seen while riding a motorcycle comes from the lights and more specifically the headlight. The bigger, the brighter, the better. "I didn't see him." "She just came out of nowhere." "I only...

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Proper Maintenance of Dirt Bike Wheels

Wheels not only carry the load but take most of the abuse the land offers. Wheels also hold on tight to the tires so when you think about it, the wheels on your dirt bike keep you grounded, upright and rolling. One could argue wheels have as muc...

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Dirt Bike Throttle Tube Replacement

Throttle me this: Why take a chance on a thin tube of plastic to get you to the finish line? Usually a throttle tube works as advertised with a simple twist of the wrist and off you go. But most stock plastic tubes can't stand up to the rigors...

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Should I Upgrade My Dirt Bike Handlebars and Controls?

If you found good enough, just wait until you replace some of those control parts. Those just starting out on a dirt bike probably don't have much trouble getting "dialed in" as they say, but veterans looking for an edge or simply a different fe...

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Ask a Mechanic: Dirt Bike Seat Height

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: Can you tell me how to lower dirt bike seat height? A: Get out your razor! Well, actually a knife that cuts through foam really well. The only way to lower the seat height...

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