The midway point of the year usually means one thing: Out with the old and in with the new.

And for those who ride dirt bikes, who have had their eye on some current year gear but held off, now is the time to save some money and grab the best Motocross gear for 2019.

We're not just talking 10 percent here, maybe 20 percent there - we've got big deals on all your favorite manufacturers to save you lots of money and help replace any worn out gear to keep you riding strong for the rest of the year and ready for next season.

No games or sleight of hand here, we'll list the brands on sale and up to how much off and if that sounds appealing then just click on the link and we'll transport you right to the page for browsing:

You won't just find riding gear combos consisting of the jersey, pants and gloves, but also find protection like helmets, boots and goggles. Check out to the left of the page under "Category" and narrow your search to a specific product. Of course, each manufacturer has its own deals so some might have helmets but not boots and so on. Each brand page has all the available products from that manufacturer on sale which includes casual wear like hats and t-shirts.

But, if you want a helmet and open to any manufacturer, for example, then just cut straight to the chase and go to any number of categories we have set aside for easy clearance shopping:

Each of these pages features all available gear on clearance from every manufacturer. Therefore, by heading to "boots" you can browse the clearance dirt bike boots from all manufacturers not just one brand.

And, yes, the free shipping on orders more than $79 still applies.