If you're struggling to keep the front wheel of your dirt bike off the ground when the gates drop then check out the Devol X-Shot Holeshot System. Designed to temporarily lower the front of the bike to help counter all the thrust energy in the rear, the Devol holeshot device reduces the chances of popping a wheelie in turn keeping you and the bike on the ground.

Keeping both wheels on the ground is crucial for traction which increases speed giving you a better opportunity at grabbing the holeshot. It completely pays for itself!

The holeshot device is perfectly legal and many pros use the Devol X-Shot Holeshot system because it does not add a significant amount of weight - just 2.4 ounces. The Devol system includes these additional specifications:

  • Made from 7050 aircraft-grade billet aluminum.
  • Multi-piece fork ring receiver allows installation without removing the fork from the bike.
  • Multi-piece fork ring fits on almost all U.S. market off-road bikes.
  • Latching hook improves secure engagement the first time.
  • Latch is installed with three screws for a secure fit onto the fork guard.
  • Sleek hook design eliminates the hassle of timing the push-point for engagement.
  • No protruding pieces reduces the possibility of detachment in close contact racing.

The Devol X-Shot Holeshot System is easy to install and includes all parts necessary to fit on your bike. So stop stressing and holding yourself back when the gates drop. Get to work on those starts today!