Equipping your dirt bike with a plastic skid plate might seem like a questionable application but with today's technology some manufacturers have zeroed in on the ability to make stronger-than-hard plastic.

The Cycra Full Combat Skid Plate stands up to anything that tries to bruise and batter the underside of your dirt bike. Metal used to be the go-to because it made so much sense. After all, what's stronger than metal? But the new plastic style skid plate offers even more benefits along with equivalent strength and protection, like:

  • Weight reduction
  • Flexibility - won't bend or crack
  • Glides smoother over rocks
  • Same coverage as metal

The Cycra Full Combat Skid Plate comes in your choice of color, including OEM, is easy to install, form-fitted and mounts securely thanks to the dual bracket system. Check out additional specifications for the Full Combat Skid Plate and see all available Cycra Body Parts & Accessories.