Johnny Moore saved his best racing in the AX Tour for a homecoming crowd on Saturday in Jackson, MS where he swept the podium claiming first in the AX Lites Pro, AX Pro and Clash for Cash events.

Moore, who almost swept Memphis last month, was clearly a crowd favorite and he raced spectacularly. He claimed the holeshot in almost every moto and won the AX Pro event with a 1-1 finish. Josh Cartwright, who ran second to Moore in the AX Pro main, grabbed the holeshot for the Clash event, but couldn't hold off a determined Moore who quickly took the lead and was alone out in front for most of the race.

Moore got new competition in Todd Krieg making his first appearance in the AX Tour with a third-place finish in the AX Pro Lites, and seventh-place finishes in the AX Pro and Clash events. Tyler Medaglia also stepped on the podium for all three events as he took second in the AX Pro Lites and Clash events and third in the AX Pro main.

Current Clash and AX Pro points leader and defending AX Tour champion Cole Thompson has left the tour to back up an injured Joey Savatgy on the Rockstar Energy KTM team. Thompson plans to ride a 350 in the West Rounds of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross season beginning Saturday in Phoenix. When the series moves east he'll transition to the 250SX class.

The top pro riders compete in the AX and AX Lites classes and the best riders of both classes compete head-to-head in their respective categories in the 20-lap main event entitled " Clash for Cash" at each stop in the tour. The Arenacross Tour started in 2001 and features more than 30 amateur class of competitions including pro quad races and new this year is professional women's motocross.

AX Tour races run in a motocross format rather than the traditional arenacross format which gives riders more track time. Riders receive Arenacross tour points according to their finish and at the end of the tour cash bonuses are awarded to the top riders in each class.

The AX Tour resumes Saturday in Murfreesboro, TN. Buy advance online tickets and save on prices.

AX Tour Jackson, MS Results

AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

  1. Johnny Moore, HON
  2. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  3. Todd Krieg, KTM
  4. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  5. Josh Cartwright, YAM
  6. Mitchel Suire, HON
  7. Jake Lowry, KAW
  8. Taylor Ciampichini, HON
  9. Kyle Gills, KAW

AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

  1. Johnny Moore, HON
  2. Josh Cartwright, SUZ
  3. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  4. Sean Hackley, KTM
  5. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  6. Mitchel Suire, HON
  7. Todd Krieg, KTM
  8. Kyle Gills, KTM
  9. Dustin Gills, YAM
  10. Jake Lowry, KAW

Clash For Cash Overall:

  1. Johnny Moore, HON
  2. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  3. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  4. Josh Cartwright, SUZ
  5. Sean Hackley, KTM
  6. Mitchel Suire, HON
  7. Todd Krieg, KTM
  8. Taylor Ciampichini, HON
  9. Jake Lowry, KAW
  10. Kyle Gills, KTM