Lots of prep work goes into taking a vacation no matter how short but make it a riding holiday then extra reminders and attention to detail ensure a successful outing whether your journey encompasses a Dual Sport adventure, trail excursion or a long weekend of racing.

Heading off unprepared or forgetting those things necessary to ride tends to ruin a weekend getaway just as you get started. While we always hope for an uneventful tour, at least in terms of things going wrong, planning and bringing the essentials prevents headaches down the road and keeps you on two-wheels.

So whether you have plans to turn a regular holiday weekend into a short vacation on wheels or playing hooky from work to enjoy the great outdoors a bit longer on your bike make it one to remember. Staying overnight? Don't forget the camping gear. You also want food, water and cash/credit cards for any fees required if you plan to use a public trail system. Most state parks also require OHV stickers (permits) for all motorized vehicles including Dual Sport and ATVs something you need to get in advance.

Before You Leave...

Check out our Pre-Ride Checklist and conduct the usual once-over of your bike to ensure adequate fluid levels and all visible parts look ready for action. This includes tires, air filter and chain and sprockets. And, since you probably plan to face-off against a variety of terrain and other challenges we recommend bringing along some spare parts:

Depending on your trip and what you can suitably bring with you check out Stock Your Portable Tool Box With These Dirt Bike or ATV Parts. Clearly if you ride Dual Sport or simply want to travel minimally hauling any type of toolbox doesn't work so like a car with a spare tire focus on those parts most likely to breakdown over the course of your trip.

If the time comes, spare parts get you out of a jam unless you can't install them so ensure you have the appropriate tools to remove and replace broken down parts. I.e. Whatever spare parts you bring include the applicable tool! A fresh spark plug is worthless if you can't install it. Also, don't bother bringing tools that serve no purpose like a clutch holder or valve spring compressor. Things go south that bad it just wasn't meant to be. At any rate some suggestions on what tools to bring:

Read Stock Your Portable Tool Box With These Dirt Bike or ATV Tools for additional ideas that should also serve as a reminder for extra parts.

Thanks to the near obligatory RV or Moto van , an overnight at the race track offers much easier access to certain amenities but also adds lots more space to bring parts and tools normally left at home when camping and off-roading. Therefore, consider extra tools and parts in addition to the above when planning a racing weekend including:

Of course none of this does any good if you forget the gas. Bring fuel and bring enough to last the entirety of your trip. For you 2-strokers, add the premix to the gas prior to heading out which eliminates the need for a measuring cup and towing along the quarts of 2-stroke oil as well as possibly forgetting to add premix once at your destination. Just remember to shake well before filling the gas tank.

Before all of this, a bit of research into where you plan to ride might determine the proximity of nearby markets or general stores which can help eliminate or add supplies to lighten your load and ensure a hassle free adventure.

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