Everything is bigger in Texas.

Yes, even in Moto.

When we started this venture of finding the best places to ride dirt bikes only two states received its own geographical area. California and Texas. Coming in at #2 and #1, respectively, as far as land size in the continental United States helped, but both are hot beds for riding dirt bikes. Texas as it turns out is in another league.

Each year Texas usually represents the start of the 250SX East class in Supercross and then the continuation of the 250SX West class a few months later. Surprisingly, no Pro Motocross events arc south in the summer schedule but the sport is more than alive and well in the great state of Texas. Like high school football in the Lone Star State, Motocross has carved out its own large-sized corner in traditional Texas sports.

The responses received when we asked for the best places to ride dirt bikes in Texas competed with those of the Midwest which encompassed 12 states. As a refresher here's what we've covered and where we're going in the coming weeks:

Again, the places to ride dirt bikes listed do not come from The Guys That Ride at MotoSport. They come from you! We wanted to know from the best riders on the planet where the best places to ride dirt bikes are. Top billing is the place receiving the most comments but the rest of the list is in no particular order.

1. Cycle Ranch Motocross Park

No surprise here. Perhaps we tipped the scales a bit on this one since we used a photo of Cycle Ranch MX in Floresville on some of our social platforms when we asked about Texas dirt bike riding. But really, Cycle Ranch didn't need much help. They've certainly embraced that "everything is bigger" motto as Cycle Ranch is not so much a simple Motocross track, it's an event center on 200 acres of land. You can even get married here! We've seen those "I do" videos at the bottom of the ocean, so we think Cycle Ranch could be the first to video a Moto couple sealing the deal on dirt bikes at the crest of a triple. Do it!

Photo: Cycle Ranch Motocross Park

2. Freestone County Raceway

Freestone MX, which is officially called Freestone County Raceway, is located in Wortham and hosts what feels like major events every weekend. They even have the James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship, the largest amateur Motocross event in Texas. Hmmm, I wonder how they feel about the FIM? The 1,150 acre Miller Ranch is home to Freestone which offers two Motocross tracks and a number of off-road tracks.

Photo: Freestone County Raceway

3. Oak Hill Raceway

You might notice a familiar name when clicking on their website. Yes, we are sponsor of the 39th annual International Motocross Final next month. Oak Hill, located in Alvord, has deep roots in Texas Motocross stretching back to 1975.

Photo: Oak Hill Raceway

4. Underground MX Park

Underground MX Park is in Kemp, an hour outside of Dallas, is located on 70 acres of land and features a Motocross track, a 50 Mini track and a night track. Underground MX offers rider training to beginners up to the pro level and the tracks are routinely changed and updated to keep it fresh.

Photo: Underground MX Park

5. Buffalo Creek Motocross

Working your way through Texas Motocross tracks, it is clear there's no shortage of racing tournaments anywhere in this state. Buffalo Creek MX in Edgewood hosts its share of events including an Amateur National and District Championship Series. Like all things Texas, Buffalo Creek is on 200 acres and has four tracks including a night track and sand track.

Photo: Buffalo Creek Motocross

6. Red River Trails

With a plethora of places to ride in Texas it does come as a surprise that we received only one non-track suggestion in the Red River Trails. Maybe Texas doesn't have all the strangulations other states have preventing off-road use of dirt bikes so riding in a nearby stretch of woods doesn't cross anyone's mind as a best place to ride. Whatever the case, Red River Motorcycle Trails in Bulcher is the place for off-riding riding. So much so it's an actual designated 2,700 acre park established in 1972 and was voted best off-road destination in Texas by Ride Texas magazine.

Photo: Red River Motorcycle Trails

7. Rio Bravo MX Park

Remember the Trans-AMA series? Founded in 1970 it was the American Motorcycle Association's answer to the Inter-Am series. Well, the Rio Bravo Motorcycle Park in Houston hosted a Trans-AMA series race, that's how long this track has existed. Rio Bravo is home to Motocross, Trials competitions, Enduros, Hare Scrambles and a Dirt Riding 101 class. It's got one of the best natural terrain tracks in Texas.

8. Badlands MX Park

Night riding seems to be all the rage in Texas as Badlands MX Park in Celeste has a lighted track and takes part in several night time mini-Motocross tours, if you will, that visit a number of MX spots. Badland's track features all the great challenges you expect from a Motocross track that's tough for the expert rider and accessible for the beginner.

Photo: Badlands MX Park

9. Swan Raceway Park

Swan MX, in Tyler, is the oldest running Motocross track in Texas. Bordered by a forest of evergreens, Swan hosts the Lone Star State Championship and rounds from other regional MX series held in Texas. It's got great spectator viewing with grandstands that accommodate more than 3,000 people.

Photo: Swan Raceway Park

10. His 956 Facility

If you think there's dirt bike riding in paradise then you're right! His 956 Facility in Paradise is on nearly 100 acres of land and offers tracks for the beginner all the way up to pros. Varying types of terrain allows designers to construct tracks to prepare the rider for all the types of track conditions on competition. His 956 Facility offers several tracks with routinely layout changes and endurance training from just a day long up to a month.

Photo: His 956 Facility

Other mentions include Three Palms Action Sports Park which includes a track for dirt bikes but also BMX bikes, and radio control car tracks. Johnsonville MX Farm in Yantis, Village Creek MX in Fort Worth and Greenville Motopark in Greenville were also mentioned.