If you want to experience a frustrating day at the track try riding on footpegs while your boots constantly slip off.

Motocross boots that have a hard time gripping the pegs means one of two things: You need new boots or new footpegs.

Unlike other parts of the dirt bike, stock footpegs actually work well for most riders and often get replaced once the teeth have worn down. One way to stretch their use or gain better grip involves using a file on the teeth to make them sharper which grabs the bottom of the boot better. Some aftermarket footpegs allow you to replace the cleats but outside of this once you have filed the teeth several times you need new pegs.

Keep in mind, the sharper the teeth the quicker you will wear out your boots. Also, while filing the teeth into something a Great White shark would favor you might find the bite a bit too much for your liking. Some riders want their feet cemented to the peg while others prefer some ability to alter their position.

Riders with larger feet also might find the broader aftermarket footpegs more comfortable and easier to grip. Using the foot controls might prove more effortless, too. Check out Turner Performance Product Billet Aluminum Footpegs or Pro Taper Platform Footpegs . Conversely, some riders prefer the less is more aspect to footpegs and find additional freedom with a thinner peg like the Fastway Adventure Footpegs .

A Lighter Alternative

Aftermarket footpegs can also help shed some weight on your dirt bike. We covered the best way to reduce weight in "Dirt Bike Weight - Is It Time for a Diet?" but once you get into the racing scene and look for every possible edge, replacing heavier stock pegs with lightweight pegs can help shave off a few more ounces. In this case, we recommend the following footpegs:

Braking and Shifting Problems

Issues involving using the foot brake or shifter generally does not come from the footpeg. Adjusting the height of the shifter or brake pedal usually solves any issues with cumbersome grabs or missing the pedal altogether.


Though rare, a crash can render the footpeg unusable. But a crash of this magnitude might put you on the sidelines a while. Have you handled a footpeg recently? Manufacturers make them tough and footpegs should usually withstand boulders, tree trunks and even other footpegs.

An Old Sole

Even the best of footpegs won't grab an old sole. Using worn out riding boots can cause as much slippage off the peg as trying to grip worn out pegs with brand new boots so check the bottom of your boots. If the sole resembles what six month old running shoes probably look like, you need new boots or at least a new sole. If you like the boots and they still function, save money and replace the soles.

Footpegs contribute to the overall feel and ride of your dirt bike. If you have difficulty gripping with your feet or constantly trying to find a better position, replacing your current footpegs with any number of available aftermarket and higher end OEM pegs might give you the leverage needed to grab the holeshot and battle for a podium.