See who made our HOT or NOT list from Round 2 of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Phoenix. Remember to check back in next Tuesday when we release our picks for L.A.

450 / HOT or NOT

Ryan Dungey - HOT - First ever win for KTM in the big boys class and Ryan Dungey couldn't be any hotter right now. Sure the other guys crashed, but he didn't and he won and he's now tied for the championship lead.

Jake Weimer - HOT - The smiles on Jake's face after the race let everyone know just what a performance he put in. Jake got his first ever 450 podium at the weekend and moves up to 3rd in the title race.

Ryan Villopoto - HOT - A crash early on left RV edging towards "not" but what he did in the remainder of the race was staggering. To move up from 20th to 3rd in a field this stacked is amazing and could already be a defining point in this 2012 season.

Kevin Windham - HOT - The "old man" still has it in him and keeps getting more and more popular. K-Dub sat in 3rd for most of the race and continues to delight the fans.

Chad Reed - NOT - This could've been his night to capitalize on others mistakes but CR22 didn't look himself at Phoenix. He needs to get back to his podium days and sharp.

Andrew Short - HOT - The KTM experiment was obviously not a successful one for Short but he's back on the Honda and back putting in solid rides.

Trey Canard - HOT - First ride back since breaking his collarbone and a top 10 performance. Things can only get better from here for Canard and we can't wait until he's looking comfortable again.

James Stewart - NOT - With RV crashing, this was Stewart's chance to regain the points he lost at A1. However, he himself would make more mistakes and is now 17pts off the lead.

Brett Metcalfe - HOT - Hard to judge how Metcalfe should be doing but he did improve from A1 and that's always a good thing. His consistency should help him move up the table and prove that he deserves the factory Suzuki machine.

Josh Hansen - NOT - Another bad start left Hansen once again coming through the pack to get another 10th place. However, we really want to see what he can do when he hasn't got to overtake 19 other riders.

250 / HOT or NOT

Dean Wilson - HOT - Wilson was pinned as the favorite going into A1 and he failed to produce. That didn't happen in Phoenix, thus he's off our NOT list and back on the HOT list, at least for now.

Marvin Musquin - HOT - Remember, this was only Musquin's 2nd supercross race. Second place would be a HOT finish regardless, but considering the circumstances, it's en fuego.

Tyla Rattray - HOT - Rattray is like the present day Tim Ferry. He's leading the points chase and has yet to win a race. That's pretty gnarly if we must say so ourselves.

Eli Tomac - NOT - Tomac has shown winning speed but has yet to put himself in position to win. When you're hunting championships, that's not going to cut it for very long. He's HOT on the track, but when you really think about results, he's NOT.

Cole Seely - NOT - Seely put in strong lap times, and you can't win 'em all, but from 1st to 5th in one week, well, that will get you on the NOT list pretty quick.

Zach Osborne - HOT - Osborne is a GP/Outdoor only guy, right? Wrong, he's now an official podium threat in SX.

Jason Anderson - HOT - We'll give JA44 our vote this week, but he's showing potential and we'd like to see him progress into the top five if we're going to keep putting him on the HOT list.

Nico Izzi - NOT - Izzi went down hard in practice and bounced back to put in a top 10, but when you're name is Nico Izzi, people expect more. Fair or not, that's just the way it is.

Max Anstie - HOT - Anstie didn't impress at A1 due to crashes. He remedied that in Phoenix with a solid top 10 ride.

Travis Baker - HOT - Baker was inside the top 5 at one point, and while he got pushed off the track and fell back to 12th, he dug deep for his second top 10 in a row. Pretty HOT if you ask us.