A new winner emerged for the fourth round of the MotoSport.com AX Tour's Clash for Cash event on Saturday in Philadelphia, MS as Travis Sewell kept the lead once he passed holeshot winner Dave Ginolfi who went down halfway through the 20 lap race.

Sewell, who took second in the AX Pro main event ended Cole Thompson's "Clash" win streak at three. Tyler Medaglia finished second and Thompson grabbed third. Thompson, who reportedly suffered an injury earlier in the week, won the AX Pro Main event after taking third the week prior in Bowling Green, KY. Sewell and Johnny Moore followed Thompson, respectively in the Pro Main.

Newcomer Josh Cartwright making his pro arenacross debut won the first heat in the AX Pro Lites class and finished fifth in the main event. Maxx Malatia took first in the AX Pro Lites Main followed by Dave Ginolfi and Kyle White, who finished fourth in the Clash for Cash.

Thompson retains his lead as points leader in the Clash for Cash and adds to his lead in the AX Pro standings.

The top pro riders compete in the AX and AX Lites classes and the best riders of both classes compete head-to-head in their respective categories in the 20-lap main event entitled "MotoSport.com Clash for Cash" at each stop in the tour. The Arenacross Tour started in 2001 and features more than 30 amateur class of competitions including pro quad races and new this year is professional women's motocross.

AX Tour races run in a motocross format rather than the traditional arenacross format which gives riders more track time. Riders receive Arenacross tour points according to their finish and at the end of the tour cash bonuses are awarded to the top riders in each class.

The AX Tour heads to Memphis, TN on Saturday before an extended break and resuming January 4, 2014 in Jackson, MS. Buy advance online tickets and save on prices.

AX Tour Philadelphia, MS Results

AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

  1. Maxx Malatia, HON
  2. Dave Ginolfi, KTM
  3. Kyle White, HON
  4. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  5. Josh Cartwright, SUZ
  6. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  7. Kyle Bitterman, HON
  8. Scott Zoat, KTM
  9. Johnny Moore, HON
  10. Josh Struebig, KTM

AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

  1. Cole Thompson, KTM
  2. Travis Sewell, KTM
  3. Johnny Moore, HON
  4. Dave Ginolfi, KTM
  5. Maxx Malatia, HON
  6. Josh Cartwright, SUZ
  7. Kyle White, HON
  8. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  9. Kyle Bitterman, HON
  10. Karl Normand

Clash For Cash Overall:

  1. Travis Sewell, KTM
  2. Tyler Medaglia, KTM
  3. Cole Thompson, KTM
  4. Kyle White, HON
  5. Maxx Malatia, HON
  6. Kyle Bitterman, HON
  7. Johnny Moore, HON
  8. Scott Zoat, KTM
  9. Karl Normand, KTM
  10. Zachary Bishop- Burnett, KAW

AX Tour Current Points Leaders:

Clash for Cash

  1. Cole Thompson (95)
  2. Kyle White (63)
  3. Travis Sewell (61)
  4. Maxx Malatia (58)
  5. Heath Harrison (40)
  6. Kyle Regal (40)
  7. Karl Normand (36)
  8. Brad Naduitt (31)
  9. Johnny Moore (30)
  10. Brice Klippel (28)

AX Pro Points Leaders

  1. Cole Thompson (97)
  2. Maxx Malatia (82)
  3. Kyle Regal (36)

AX Lites Pro Points Leaders

  1. Maxx Malatia (76)
  2. Kyle White (68)
  3. Dave Blanchet (48)