Suspension settings can make or break your ride which is why all the factory teams do so much testing and "dialing in" of the bike. But weekend warriors, heck, most riders don't have a team of pros fiddling with bike mechanics and specific measurements based on personal preferences. Until now.

Usually a two-person job using a tape measure, setting the suspension sag is now one of the easiest ways to get your bike up to speed, literally. The Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale eliminates any concern about accuracy and takes seconds to calculate. Here's how it works:

Simply attach the scale using the universal magnetic mount and clip, turn on the scale with the bike on the stand, then take it off the stand and mount it in your normal riding position. The Slacker digital sag scale instantly provides readings on its LCD display and the remote display.

That's right from the horse's mouth and it's not just marketing speak. We've used it, it works and it's that simple. Sure it's a bit pricey but winning a Moto is priceless. So if you're serious about riding and want to elevate your racing to the next level grab the Motool Slacker. It's so easy and accurate, go in halves with a riding buddy - you'll both use it and wonder why you fumbled around doing it the "old" way for so long.

It receives a 5 Star rating from Motocross Action (including placement in their Top 20 products list) and ThumperTalk. Additional specifications include:

  • Universal mounting works on forks and shocks
  • Fits any off-road bike 85cc and up with steel axles using a magnetic mount
  • Remote display allows a single person to easily take accurate measurements
  • The best way to set up new generation SFF and TAC Air forks
  • Digital Sag Scale reads sag in real time using a retractable slacker cable

Check out all the details of the Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale.