A $7 part ended a an opportunity to remain perfect on the season but Ken Roczen holds on to the points lead as Ryan Dungey lurks just behind thanks to his overall for Round 2 of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series on Saturday at Glen Helen.

Roczen, who dominated Round 1 with a sweep, easily passed the defending Champion Dungey with less than 10 minutes left in Moto 1 and burst to a 13 second lead seemingly with win in-hand but a seal in his forks broke, releasing air, which forced Roczen to roll jumps and lose lots of time.

The result? Fourth place.

And Dungey got his first Moto win of the season, calling it a gift, and went on to finish second in Moto 2 for the overall and closed to within two points of Roczen in the standings.

"It was really rough, pretty tough. We made some changes for the second Moto, it went a bit better," Dungey said. "Ken was riding really good today. He was tough, we've got to go back to work and try to get better."

Did a pre-race meal of steak and mac & cheese help keep Ken Roczen in front of Ryan Dungey at Glen Helen?

Roczen who took the holeshot and checked out in Moto 2 for his third race win of the year was clearly agitated after Moto 1 but was all smiles after salvaging second-place for the day. Dungey had no answers for Roczen rolling past the checkers nearly 20 seconds back in Moto 2 and if not for the fork issue, Roczen would be heading into Round 3 undefeated just like Eli Tomac last year.

"The first Moto there's nothing I can do, I was riding good, it should have been another perfect day," he said. "The track was super sketchy out here, I was counting the laps down (for Moto 2). Overall, I felt good today."

Tomac took third overall for the second straight week, this time finishing third-place in both Motos instead of fourth-place like the opener at Hangtown. Tomac, who dominated the opening rounds last year in similar fashion to Roczen this year but endured a season -ending crash in Round 3 displayed some of his most aggressive riding all-year (including Supercross) working his way from seventh in Moto 1 and fifth in Moto 2, for the podium spots.

Eli Tomac takes third overall at Glen Helen

"This place is always one of the toughest on the circuit. We made a step in the right direction," said Tomac, who passed Jason Anderson and Trey Canard in Moto 2 to get into the third-place spot. I was there, just started too far in the back on the start. Hopefully we'll be there sooner than later."

The Top 5 finished in the exact order as Hangtown with Anderson finishing second in Moto 2 and taking fourth overall and Canard, who grabbed the holeshot in Moto 1 but later fell, taking fifth just ahead of Josh Grant who took advantage of racing on his home track and took sixth.

Blake Baggett who broke his collarbone last week and had surgery on Monday was not expected to lineup but managed a 16th place in Moto 1 then sat out Moto 2. James Stewart who endured a dislocated shoulder at Hangtown after hitting a pothole only to have it pop back in after the resulting crash, practiced, but afterwards ruled himself out.

Alex Martin turned two second-place Motos into his first career overall win

In the 250 class, Alex Martin celebrated his first career overall win with two second-place finishes beating his brother, teammate and two-time defending Champion Jeremy Martin by a point. Cooper Webb, also a teammate took third overall tying Jeremy Martin in points as the two swapped fourth and first place finishes, Martin claiming the tie-breaker after winning Moto 2.

Jeremy Martin did not ride all week thanks to a cold but grabbed the holeshot in Moto 2 and checked out for his first win of the season and looking much like the two-time Champion. He's in fourth-place just four points back from his brother. Webb moved up a spot to second-place.

Joey Savatgy, who swept last week, watched his 15 point lead vanish after taking seventh overall with a (9-7) day. He was pretty much a non-factor through both Motos, never getting close to podium contention. Savatgy dropped to third-place in the standings.

Looks like rookie Austin Forkner is the real deal taking fourth overall in his second pro race

Just three points separate the Top 4 riders. Aaron Plessinger is back in fifth and had a decent day taking fifth overall. Just behind him is rookie Austin Forkner who finished third in Moto 1 and was running in second for Moto 2 before he fell at the top of the hill with less than 11 minutes to go and dropped to sixth. He finished in fifth for fourth-place overall.

Tough round for Christian Craig who went down in Moto 1 and broke his tibia and fibula. He's already undergone surgery but no timetable on his return. Rookie Tristan Charboneau crashed and possibly has a broken collarbone.

Motocross moves to Colorado for Round 3 on Saturday at the Thunder Valley National.

2016 Glen Helen Motocross Results

Glen Helen 450 Class Results

  1. Ryan Dungey (1-2)
  2. Ken Roczen (4-1)
  3. Eli Tomac (3-3)
  4. Jason Anderson (2-5)
  5. Trey Canard (7-4)
  6. Josh Grant (6-6)
  7. Cole Seely (5-10)
  8. Phil Nicoletti (10-9)
  9. Marvin Musquin (9-11)
  10. Broc Tickle (8-13)

Glen Helen 250 Class Results

  1. Alex Martin (2-2)
  2. Jeremy Martin (4-1)
  3. Cooper Webb (1-4)
  4. Austin Forkner (3-5)
  5. Aaron Plessinger (5-6)
  6. Jessy Nelson (13-3)
  7. Joey Savatgy (9-7)
  8. Zach Osborne (8-8)
  9. RJ Hampshire (6-11)
  10. Martin Davalos (14-9)

2016 Motocross Season Standings

450 Class Standings

  1. Ken Roczen (93)
  2. Ryan Dungey (91)
  3. Eli Tomac (76)
  4. Jason Anderson (73)
  5. Trey Canard (62)
  6. Josh Grant (56)
  7. Cole Seely (54)
  8. Marvin Musquin (48)
  9. Phil Nicoletti (45)
  10. Justin Barcia (39)

250 Class Standings

  1. Alex Martin (79)
  2. Cooper Webb (77)
  3. Joey Savatgy (76)
  4. Jeremy Martin (75)
  5. Aaron Plessinger (63)
  6. Austin Forkner (58)
  7. Jessy Nelson (57)
  8. Zach Osborne (45)
  9. RJ Hampshire (41)
  10. Tristan Charboneau (36)