Getting the urge to ride your bike someplace other than the course is natural. After all, when you're on the course, it's all about technique, strategy, timing and getting to the finish line, hopefully, in first place and with you and the bike in one piece.

So, when a track isn't an option, where are some of the best places to ride dirt bikes?

Places to ride dirt bikes can be a challenge. Finding great places to ride depends on the areas in and around your city accessible for riding. Whether you just want to ride for the fun of it, get some additional practice on maneuvering on rough terrain, try some new techniques or work on specific moves to help you on the course, you may need to do some research on where to ride dirt bikes in your area legally.

The following are additional places to ride dirt bikes:

Backcountry Dirt Bike Trails

One of the best all-terrain options is negotiating backcountry dirt bike trails. You'll find these located off secondary roads and even main roads that are not part of the popular "beaten track" Just be sure before accessing one of these trails and blowing through the countryside, you're not on private property.

Dirt bike trails offer a little of everything from long expanses through thick woods or bumpy pastureland to splashing through small streams. You can enjoy the ride for what it is or step it up and test your bikes performance on non-traditional terrain.

Mountain Roads

Mountain roads are another popular place to ride dirt bikes. These can be the type of access road rangers use to scout the area or they may be public access roads. You'll find some of the best dirt bike trails in these areas that will challenge your bike handling techniques.

Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain bike trails, especially those not over populated with riders, can offer obstacles galore that will test your riding abilities. You may be biking over fallen tree limbs, rotting logs, over rocks, through water or making your way up embankments on dirt, clay, loose gravel or slippery leaf-layered trails. Check beforehand whether or not the dirt bike trails you want to explore are open to bikes or only ATVs.

The Desert

Desert dwellers have access to miles of biking along scenic mountain trails, rolling dunes and long expanses of open space. Nevada's desert offers many ideal locations for dirt bikes. Keep in mind desert sand is denser than beach sand and requires more horsepower. If you're into trying new things, the flat expanse of the desert is the perfect place to practice how to do a wheelie.

Private Tracks and Trails

Privately owned and operated tracks and trails is another option to access miles of uninterrupted dirt and clay trails, woods, washes, mud bogs, creek crossings and more. Many privately owned parks, as well as state-run recreational parks, offer camping facilities. Make a weekend of it so you have plenty of time to ride and explore the area.

Wherever you live, be sure to follow the rules and regulations governing dirt bike riding. Some parks do not allow dirt bike riding while other state-owned parks provide designated trails just for that purpose. Daily permits or passes may be required in order to access state-owned property so be sure you have what is needed before cranking up, popping the clutch and throwing some roost.