Getting a new dog or cat brings an unprecedented amount of joy and excitement into the life of the owner.

You get crazy antics, hair-pulling incidents, and an overall lifetime of adventure with a new furry companion. But finding the perfect name often brings most new pet owners to a halt. For many, pets assume the role as children and generally don't get human names but nevertheless get a name. Dogs and cats come when called (ok, maybe cats to a lesser degree) by their given name but most people name their pet(s) regardless of the type of animal. Hamsters, rabbits, lizards, even fish get names.

So, what should you name your pet? Well, we have some ideas. If you have a new pet and looking for the best name a near endless list awaits if you love dirt bikes and Motocross. Heck, even if you don't like Motocross, you can still choose from some pretty sweet names that get their origins from the world of dirt bikes.

Top Dirt Bike Dog and Cat Names


What helps make the wheels go 'round and 'round on a dirt bike offers a suitable name for what our lives revolve around. Sprocket rockets for a dog or that crazy, spunky cat who comes when called.


Bad Moto! Good Moto. No one will know if you mean your pet or a description of the day's race. If Dorothy can name her dog Toto you can name your dog Moto.


OK, a bit of a stretch but Gasket does sound like the name of someone's pet. This name probably suits best the mechanic whose cat likes to hang around the garage during working hours.


Don't expect everyone to understand Clutch, which in your world stands for the component that changes the gears. Get used to most people assuming you mean the word that describes a person who comes through when needed. Silly baseball fans.


Sparky? Well, it's better than Spark Plug though that might suffice for some pet owners. Sparky is a pretty popular name for pets anyway so while you wade into the depths of mainstream monikers rest easy knowing your love for dirt bikes remains alive and well.


If you don't like a certain culture of the dirt bike world you might want to stay away from Axle. You can also expect to routinely deny the reference to Guns N' Roses and on the rare occasion Beverly Hills Cop (it's a movie) depending on the age of the inquisitor. Outside of all that, you can't go wrong using Axle especially knowing none of the above carries the same spelling.


Bolt doesn't work so well for larger, lumbering dogs. Smaller, speedy pets that tend to bolt from the room for really no reason at all fit this name very well. If you have two pets needing names don't hesitate whatsoever in calling one Nut and the other Bolt.


Holeshot not only ranks as probably the best Moto pet name available but just an overall great name for a dog or cat. Though used in other forms of powersports, Motocross owns the term Holeshot and those not familiar with the sport will get a bit of education when they ask where you came up with the name. Name any of your pets Holeshot and expect to gain a few more friends.


On the surface maybe not such a great name but think about it for a second. Lapper. Hey Lapper! Get over here Lapper. Lapper? Come! That's a pretty great name for a pet. And you can switch the name to mean that your dog does laps around all the other dogs at the dog park. Little does anyone else know, lapper refers to those riders getting lapped on the track.


Oh for the love of 2-strokes, go ahead and name your pet Brap. Or Braap. Or even Braaap. Just don't push it more than that.

This list of Moto pet names could go on and on. If you race, hang out in the pits long enough, regularly work on your dirt bike or even just trail ride casually, you can find an appropriate pet name that allows you to merge at least two loves of your life.