Author: David Bulmer

Florida is, and has been for quite some time, a hot bed for up and coming motocross racers. Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Chad Reed and a good many more of the world's top motocross athletes spend their days training in the sunshine state. While RC, JS and CR have already made a name for themselves, there are literally thousands more waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. One such rider is Team Green Kawasaki's, Zack Freeberg. A native of Florida, Freeberg is entering into his final year as an amateur, after which he will trade in his box trailer for the lights of Supercross. Read on to learn more about a name you may be hearing a lot more of in the very near future.

Zack, your down here in the heart of Florida training for your final appearance at Loretta's. How's it going?

It's going great. I'm out here pounding some motos with, Adam Cianciarulo. Just putting my work in to hopefully get a good result at my Regional Qualifier this weekend at Gatorback and again at Loretta's in a few months.

What's you game plan heading into the Regional this weekend? Are you out to make a statement and win or will simply qualifying be enough for you?

For the Regional, I'm just going to get qualified, you know. Coming home safe and healthy is the overall goal. Then it's time to put my head down and go to work and hopefully come out of Loretta's with some championships.

Who do you feel your main rivals are going into Loretta's?

There's going to be a bunch, you know? Justin Bogle is going to be fast. Jacob Hayes is going to be really fast, as well. There really is a bunch, Kyle Peters for sure. The list goes one. The main thing for me is going to be focusing on racing the track and being consistent. If I can do that I have confidence that I can win.

What classes will you be racing at Loretta's?

I'll be racing 250 Pro and 450 Open Pro.

What's the plan following Loretta's? Will you be racing the last three outdoor pro nationals or wait until supercross to make your rookie debut?

I want to do the last three nationals but we really don't have the bike to do the last few nationals. If something comes up in terms of a deal with a team we'll do them, but if not I'm just going to come back and get ready for the supercross season next year.

There have been a number of successful rookies who have turned pro in the last few years and made an immediate impact. Does that give you hope that you can do the same?

Yeah, I think a lot of it is based on preparation and how you prepare. Confidence is also key. I'm sure you get nervous in the beginning but once you get the butterflies out I think if you start flowing and things start coming together then supercross could be a good experience for me.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to when you turn pro? Any particular track you look forward to racing?

Yeah, I really like supercross just because how technical it is and all the hype it gets. I really like outdoors too. The long motos and rough tracks really separate people, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to lining up on my first supercross gate.