Tired of Facebook?

Then check out Instagram - the online version of a photo album. Gone are the days when you'd sit next to (fill in the blank) on the couch flipping through a dusty photo album filled with photos of yesteryear and beyond.

Today, you can take a photo and immediately share it with everyone everywhere all thanks to the Internet. Instagram is, in many respects, the modern day version of the instant camera. But instead of shaking it to bring the photo to life and only sharing it with present company, simply download it to your account and share it with everyone.

Instagram is not as popular as Facebook, yet, but now in excessive of 30 million users, this is the latest trend you absolutely, positively must be on. You can post selfies (or not), photos of your vacation, photos of anything for that matter, and even videos.

It is a bit pointless if you don't have a following though it can certainly substitute as your personal online photo album. At any rate, having followers keeps you from doing the equivalent of sitting on the couch and looking through a dusty old photo album by yourself.

One way to get followers is to follow others.

Which brings us to the end of the words and on to the photos. Sure you can follow Joe Schmo but if you're into Motocross (if you're reading this you probably are) you'll want to follow those in the industry who've figured out how to successfully use Instagram and make this latest social media craze worth your while. Besides, who really wants to see 100 photos of someone else's wedding?

In no particular order here are the Instagram accounts you should be following if you're into Moto.

1. Pro Motocross

We're talking about Moto so of course you're going to follow Pro Motocross.

2. James Stewart

Only one of the greatest Motocross riders today. Check out some awesome photos in the life of James Stewart. He's only following 63 people so maybe, just maybe you'll get him to follow you.

3. Ken Roczen

What's life in photos like of a rookie riding 450s? Check out Ken Roczen's Instagram account and count how many photos he has showing the "V" sign with his hand. Or maybe it's peace.

4. Trey Canard

If you miss church on Sunday, Trey Canard's Instagram account is a pretty good substitute. The Tim Tebow of Motocross posts various Bible passages and of course all things Moto. He's following even less Instagrammers than Stewart so maybe there's a theme here.

5. Ryan Villopoto

You're not following the four-time defending Supercross champion? Please get on Instagram right now. A gnarly photo of his recently patched leg greets you.

6. Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart is a bit more Insta friendly than his older brother as he follows 132 people. Malcolm is killing it on the 450 in Motocross so start following now before everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

7. MotoSport

Seriously, you didn't think we'd promote our own Instagram account?

8. VitalMX ; VurbMoto; Racerxonline; TransWorld MX

Our partners in crime. OK, partners in Motocross. They've got photos of all your favorite riders and a lot of behind the scenes grabs.

9. Jimmy Albertson

And of course we'd promote Top Jimmy. A funny guy and all around good rider. Yes, there are photos of Georgia. The one with her and a pool stick is worth checking out. (wink-wink)

10. Weston Peick

How did WP40 get more followers than MotoSport? This former privateer who we still sponsor is getting oh-so-close to the podium. The day he steps on it, we'll place good money that photo will take front and center to his account.

11. Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey offers some of the more personal photos to his life outside of Motocross. Don't worry, plenty of action photos exist but date night and family life offer a different side to one of the sport's most popular riders. There's also a wedding photo worth checking out.

12. Chad Reed

Ironman Chad Reed. Scroll down a bit for some photos after his Supercross accident. OK, we'll just show you here.

We've provided the Motocross Instagram starter kit now it's up to you. Following someone is as easy as a click of the button (for those who are just getting started) and over time you'll interact with other Motocross fans, find other riders' accounts and once you start commenting on, for example, a photo posted by the one-and-only James Stewart, others will find you.

So long as you post photos deemed worthy of the Moto lifestyle you'll then get your own followers. GoPro cameras are a good place to start and having someone on the ground taking photos as you launch into the air is another great way to get your Instagram account some exposure.