Trey Canard is not only lucky to be riding, but lucky to be alive. In 2012, he broke his back in Round 3 of the Supercross season after Ryan Morais landed on top of him. His spinal cord intact, Canard underwent surgery and fought his way back. He sat out the rest of the 2012 racing season to heal and last year he took sixth-place in Supercross and fourth-place in Motocross.

In 2008, Canard won the Supercross 250SX East class as a rookie and in 2010 he won the Motocross 250 Series. He followed up the 2010 Supercross season where he took third in the 250SX class with a fifth-place showing as a rookie in the 450SX class. Canard was ready to compete for the 2014 Supercross championship until he broke his arm in a practice run over Thanksgiving weekend.

Canard is contracted through this year with Honda and he expects to be back before the end of the Supercross this season with eyes set on a 2014 Motocross championship.

Age: 23

Years riding pro: Seven

What age did you start riding and on what: Age 3 on an Italiajet 50

What do you ride now? American Honda Muscle Milk CRF 450

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Career highlights: I'd say coming back from my back injury is a really cool high light for me and winning the 2010 MX championship and being a part of the 2010 MXON

Other sports participated in: 1st basemen in the 2nd grade

Other hobbies/interests: I like to ride my bicycle and read and study things like the Bible, build things, movies are cool and hanging with the dog and wife and family

1. How did you get started riding a dirt bike?

My dad and my brother rode and I just wanted to do what they did. I grew up watching movies like Showtime and Teriferma from then I was hooked from the first ride on.

2. Did you always have a goal of going pro or was there a moment when you realized the possibility and then made it a goal?

I always wanted to race professionally and I think it was always a goal but, it became real in 2006 when I got my first offer from a team. It definitely became a real goal at that point.

3. The crash in 2012 almost ended your career did you ever concede that may be a real possibility?

Absolutely, it was more real than I like to think about and I almost did quit. But I decided that I wanted to do this and I felt a strong urge to get back on the bike and strive for something I feel I was created for.

4. Recovering physically is one thing how big is the mental aspect in terms of overcoming the fear of crashing and getting hurt again?

Recovering mentally is so much more than the injury, I believe. God made our bodies to heal but getting past a traumatic experience is another thing. It's something so important in our sport, also in life. Things happen to good and bad people but we've got to choose to keep going. For me the only way to do that was through my faith in Christ, the only reason I'm here.

5. Tell us about the crash over Thanksgiving weekend.

It wasn't too bad, just skipped a whoop and skipped another and before I knew it I was flying through the air and I put my arm out and that was that.

6. Early reports indicated you were ready to compete for the championship - how have you been able to channel that disappointment into a positive and getting healthy?

It's always hard to not do what you do and feel passionate about and enjoy in every aspect of life but, so many people are dealing with much worse things than whether or not they will be a Supercross champion or not. But in every injury I've had, something great has come out of it for me, and I look at it that way, just a temporary pause, a growing experience.

7. How is the arm healing and when do you expect to be back?

The arm is doing good, still waiting, but I hope to be on the bike soon and racing before the series is over. Not quite sure when that will be.

8. Since you can't ride what do you do physically to stay in shape?

A lot of different things but mostly staying fit cardio wise is huge, a lot on a spin bike, in the pool, rowing, anything I can do core wise and some running too.

9. Are you watching this year's races or avoiding it altogether?

I'm definitely watching them, it's hard to watch but exciting. I love to watch and learn and just be a fan of the sport.

10. Now that winning a championship this year is out how do you make the 2014 Supercross season a success?

I think racing a few races will be a success. I always would like to win but being out there would be awesome. I'd like to be out there racing and doing what I love and striving for the best we can be.