Michelin spent three years developing and testing a new off-road/Motocross tire and in 2015 introduced the StarCross 5. The new tire is up to 15 percent lighter than previous generations of the StarCross tire thanks to a new casing design that retains the strength and durability you've come to know with the Michelin brand.

The StarCross 5 features a new tread design that's self-cleaning and offers maximum grip to enhance steering and traction. The new casing is designed to optimize the size of the tire's contact patch. Michelin incorporated its new Comfort Casing Technology (CCT) that uses two polyester plies instead of three, reduces tire rebound thus providing shock absorption to help lessen rider fatigue. Check out this video featuring fellow racers discussing the improvements:

The Michelin StarCross 5 is available in hard, medium, soft and sand - each providing optimal performance for braking, corner traction and acceleration. Read the full specifications and order yours today here.