Remember the controversy in September surrounding the 2015 International Six Days Enduro when a bunch of riders got disqualified on Day 3, then got reinstated on Day 5, ultimately giving France the victory?

Well, Australia can now celebrate their first World Trophy in the ISDE, albeit a few months late. The victory gives the Aussies a sweep since they also won the Junior Trophy class - that one without issue. A judge ruled today after an appeals process held on November 2 at FIM headquarters to reinstate the disqualifications of eight riders who missed a Route Check, initially reported a result of poor course marking. Australia was the only team in the Top 5 on that day with no rider disqualifications. Here's part of the ruling:

The first place in the rankings for the FIM World Trophy therefore goes to Australia, with Italy in second place and Finland in third. Australia is therefore the FIM World Trophy team winner of the 2015 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).

Team Australia briefly took center podium at the 2015 ISDE before walking off in protest. Now they can officially claim the spot. Photo:

Australia originally finished second after the reinstatement of the disqualified riders and during the podium ceremonies walked off in protest. Spain lost its hold on third-place after the ruling and falls to 19th place. Taylor Robert was the only United States rider to get disqualified but with or without the disqualification the United States finishes 22nd thanks to some injuries. France moves from first to last.

However, Ryan Sipes is still the first ever American to win the individual overall. So there. That also means our profile on Mr. Sipes following his accomplishment in Slovakia still stands.

The ISDE, also known as the Olympics of Motorcycling, started in 1913 as the International Six Day Trial which changed to its current name in 1981. Riders obey strict rules over the six day enduro-style race that can extend 1,250 miles. ISDE racing categories include the primary six-rider World Trophy class and the four-rider Junior Trophy class.