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Alpinestars Yari Drystar Gloves Alpinestars Yari Drystar Gloves Pete - Vallejo, CA, USA warm if temperature is above 40F "I would say that these gloves are more early spring and fall. My hands are still cold in the winter months in the bay area when temps are below 40F"
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ICON Raiden DKR Gloves ICON Raiden DKR Gloves GONGETYA - New Orleans, LA, USA Terribly designed gloves that look awesome. "I got these as cooler weather gloves because they boast being warm and waterproof as well as being over the cuff. The sizing was not true (too large). They are also very difficult to take on and off, especially if already have one of them on. The cuff is very difficult to get over jacket cuff and the inner lining does not stay in place so your fingers don't slide into the proper receptacle with ease. They seem to be of good material and well made on the outside. They are pretty warm, but not geared towards "cold" weather. Upper 50's at the least. I bought two pair because the sale was great. Both pair have sat on my shelf. I wore my mechanix gloves until I could get a decent replacement pair. I'm not that upset as I feel I got what I paid for. They look great but, all in all, if they do not function, what's the use? WOULD NOT RECOMMEND"
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