The AX Tour starts 2014 hotter than ever as the competition stiffened in the last three events with different "Clash for Cash" winners and frontrunner Cole Thompson fighting off hard-charging competition to retain leads in both the AX Pro series and "Clash for Cash."

Thompson looks to restart a win-streak and Johnny Moore hopes to capitalize on one of the strongest outings by any racer thus far when the AX Tour resumes Saturday at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center in Jackson, MS. This is the third stop in Mississippi thus far on the tour and one of six overall. The finals are held in Tunica, MS on Feb. 8.

Thompson took three straight "Clash" wins to open the series before Travis Sewell won in Philadelphia, MS and then Moore took Memphis before the holiday break. Moore also won the AX Pro Lites event and almost swept Memphis with a second-place showing in the AX Pro behind Thompson who won his third AX Pro event.

Check out the animated track map for Jackson:

The AX Tour brings a new pro purse payout breakdown, as well as a new racing format with the hopes of attracting new talent to this growing series. Over $70,000 in total cash payout and contingencies will be awarded throughout the season in the AX Pro and AX Lites Pro classes. The season consists of 11 rounds with venues in Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee that started in November and ends Feb. 8, 2014 in Tunica, MS.

The top pro riders compete in the AX and AX Lites classes and the best riders of both classes compete head-to-head in their respective categories in the 20-lap main event entitled " Clash for Cash" at each stop in the tour. The Arenacross Tour also features more than 30 amateur class of competitions including pro quad races and new this year is professional women's motocross.

The Arenacross Tour was started in 2001. It was originally called Extreme World Arenacross, but in 2007 the name was changed to the Arenacross Tour. The Tour also relocated from Oklahoma to Jackson, Mississippi. In 2010, Justin Thompson purchased the rights to the Arenacross Tour and turned it in to what it has become today.

Buy advance online tickets and save on prices. The next stop on the AX Tour is Jan. 11, 2014 in Murfreesboro, TN.

AX Tour Current Points Leaders:

Clash for Cash

  1. Cole Thompson (106)
  2. Travis Sewell (83)
  3. Kyle White (63)
  4. Maxx Malatia (58)
  5. Johnny Moore (55)
  6. Heath Harrison (54)
  7. Luke Vonlinger (46)
  8. Kyle Regal (40)
  9. Karl Normand (36)
  10. Brad Naduitt (31)

AX Pro Points Leaders

  1. Cole Thompson (123)
  2. Maxx Malatia (82)
  3. Heath Harrison (42)

AX Lites Pro Points Leaders

  1. Maxx Malatia (76)
  2. Kyle White (68)
  3. Johnny Moore (57)