Christmas gift shopping for your kids is usually not a difficult task. What makes it hard is finding a special present that makes this year, and every year, most memorable.

Your child may need socks and, if polite, he or she will feign interest after ripping off the wrapping. But who are we fooling, getting socks probably does not equate to the ideal Christmas present for most kids. Second to socks, underwear and the annual tree ornament from Aunt Mary make the next gift opened really count. Outside of escorting them to the garage and unveiling a brand new dirt bike the following list offers more affordable and practical gift ideas that should elicit a small shriek or at least the overextended "cooooooooooooooool." Don't stop here though, check out our full selection of gifts for Kids.

Motocross Christmas Gifts for Kids

Collector Bike

We've got several replica dirt bikes to choose from including Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, ATVs, semi-trucks and many others.

School Supplies

Buying school related items always has a risk, but instead of reminding your kids they have to go back in a few weeks give them something like an industry branded backpack or notebook they can't wait to use.

Motocross Coloring & Activity Book

24 pages of epic motocross activities: 15 coloring pages, 2 mazes, 3 connect-the-dots, 2 word searches, 3 word scramble. The only problem is this might be fully complete before you serve Christmas dinner.

KTM PowerWear Pitboard Wall Clock

Now your kid has no excuse for being late to school! This digital wall clock includes the seconds and looks great in any bedroom. Or if you want for yourself, hang it in the garage to keep an eye on the time when wrenching on your ride.

Dirt Bike Videos

We have the popular Moto 8, Moto 9 and Moto 10 movies as well as the documentary This Is Moto. Buy one buy all! Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Seven Youth Riding Gear Combos

This is how you really make an impact on Christmas gift giving. We have combos to fit all types of budgets and if your Moto riding kid needs new gear then now is the best time to get new pants, jersey and gloves. This Seven pant, jersey, glove combo includes advanced engineering manufacturing for fit and function so it wears well, protects, ventilates and overall makes your kid the coolest rider on the track.

Custom Jersey

Now to really blow you're your kid's socks off, customize that jersey you bought as part of the combo package. For just an additional $29.99 we can include a rider's name and number to the back of the jersey.

Factory Effex Yamaha Lineup T-Shirt

Kids love to stand out (maybe a little too much) but help them be an original and look cool doing it with the Factory Effex Youth Yamaha Lineup T-Shirt. It's just pure casual wear without all the loud graphics some other shirts feature.


Oh yes we did. If you're going to give socks as a present then why not go all-out Moto and either give a pair of riding socks or even a cool pair of casual socks. Whatever the need we have your kids' feet covered with plenty of industry favorite brands to choose the right set.