In a world where fast isn't fast enough you'd think a system designed for optimum stopping power is counterproductive. In reality, the brake system on a dirt bike is just as crucial to speed as the throttle. That's why the Moto Stuff oversized brake system is used by two factory race teams and anyone looking for durability, weight reduction and an increase in power control.

The Moto Stuff system is not inexpensive. Indeed it costs more but lasts three to four time longer than traditional rotors because of the steel used and the heat treating process. Additional specifications include:

  • 36 percent increase in swept area and 18 percent increase in moment arm for dramatic improvement in braking power, control and modulation
  • Weighs only 544 grams (19.2 ounces)
  • Nearly a full pound lighter than popular floating designs, the Blade system is 40 percent lighter than any other 280 mm system
  • Oversize rotor is laser-cut and machined in heat-treated 400 series stainless steel for warp-free performance and superior heat dissipation
  • Lasts two to three times longer than the competition
  • High-strength 6061 billet aluminum bracket is hard anodized for a tough long lasting finish
  • Rotor material is compatible with all top quality aftermarket pads
  • Easily installed in under 30 minutes with common hand tools

The Moto Stuff Blade Oversize Brake kit includes one oversize rotor and a "Superlight" billet mounting bracket. Check out the full product description and see all available products from Moto Stuff.