Justin Bogle made a huge impact as a rookie graduating from the amateur ranks. He challenged for podium finishes in each of the last four outdoor nationals and is now marked as a potential race winner heading into supercross. But this article isn't about Justin Bogle. It's about another Justin that, if things go the way he plans, could make an impact in the pro ranks equal to that of Bogle.

Eighteen-year-old Justin Starling of Deland, Florida didn't have as much success in his final amateur year as Justin Bogle. But he does have 25 amateur titles to his name, and that's nothing to shy away from. While he hopes to have a successful outdoor career, Starling is excited about his supercross potential. A fluid rider with a nac for rhythm sections, Starling's style fits that of a supercross rider. Now in California under the watchful eye of his trainer, Rob Beams, Starling is looking forward to making his name known in supercross as a top five contender.

You've made the move from Florida to California to get ready for your rookie supercross season. How are things going?

Really well so far. Everyone knows that Florida is a great place to train, but I've been there my entire life. California offers a different scene all together. The entire industry is out here and there are a ton of riders to train with and test your speed, so I think it's going to benefit me going into 2012.

Speaking of 2012, do you know who you will be riding for yet?

No, not yet. We should know within the next couple of weeks. Things are still up in the air with everything but it should come together soon. I'm keeping my head down and working as hard as I can right now and have faith everything will work itself out when the time comes.

Do you know which coast you will be riding?

Not yet. I am preparing for the West Coast but things could change very easily in the next few weeks. So we'll see.

What are your goals for supercross, whichever coast you ride?

My goals are to finish in the top five every round. I feel really good on the supercross track right now and I've only been riding it for about two weeks. I'm adapting well and if I can stay out of trouble I think I'll reach my goals.

Who are you working with to prepare?

I'm working with my coach Robb Beams of motoendurance.net. He has helped me a lot on and off the bike and I can't thank him enough. I'll be ready for A1 for sure.

Good luck with the rest of the off-season and in 2012.