It's the most wonderful time of the year but for many it's also a time to find a way out of the house.

Overbearing in-laws, extreme political views and well-used bathrooms an enjoyable Christmas season does not make. Outside of an outright ban on the holidays or guests, suck-it-up Buttercup is in order. But that doesn't mean loopholes don't exist for a bit of reprieve from all the insanity.

Enter dirt bike.

Your trusty riding partner is more than a trail blazer or whoops killing machine. It's A WAY OUT! Most people generally understand a dirt bike is not (usually) a transportation method to the grocery store. Dirt bikes represent a hobby, sport, even a way of life. It's like shaving. We have to ride. But riding isn't your only excuse. Besides, no polite way allows for hitting the track or trail every day while visitors occupy the house. To help, we offer you some additional (legitimate) reasons to bail on the in-laws (or anyone else) and find some enjoyment this Christmas season.

Ride Day

As mentioned, riding is a perfect excuse but how do you go about it? A number of methods work, first and foremost the "already planned" riding day. So, get talking to other riders early. Once out-of-town guests establish dates for their visit, find a day to ride and make plans. Ride Day usually consists of an all-day affair so most people should understand the importance of keeping your commitment with friends.

If it's too late for pre-planning, another option is the "can't miss" opportunity. Say one of your riding buddies schedules a day to a never-been-before spot or has a new bike to try out? Now, you've got a pretty good excuse even if it is a bit thin. You probably need to tip off said riding buddy to initiate a call.


This ride day also forces you to spend time getting ready which starts this whole process the day before. Spending time (alone) in the garage doesn't mean an escape from family-room talk it "validates" your plans and shows responsibility to ensure your safe arrival home the next day. Pull up "The Dirt Bike Pre-Ride Checklist" on the computer and leave it on the screen. Anyone who doubts your motives now knows you mean business.

Race Day

Similar to Ride Day, if you live in parts of the country that hold racing events year-round you're in luck. Yes, expect a cheerleading section (hey, maybe not) but that's what family is for. You get the sanctioned alone-time prep-day, of course, plus the hours spent at the track.

Maintenance Day

"Sorry, but I've got to (fill in the blank)." Have you put off any major repairs or let maintenance run a little too long? Now is the time. You might have to put up with looky-loos but boredom usually sets in so expect whoever is watching to retreat to the confines of the house. If they hang out too long, consider them an extra hand and put them to work.

You know how you're supposed to perform general maintenance after riding but you never do? Now is the time to break that habit. Pull up "After The Race - Motocross Maintenance" on the computer and leave it on the screen. Anyone who doubts your motives now knows you mean business. See, you've just added several more hours in the garage away from "them" all thanks to your dirt bike.

It's Christmas, family is over and changing the tires on your dirt bike never sounded so sweet

Upgrade Day

"Sorry, but I've got to (fill in the blank)." Have you put off installing that new pipe? Grips a bit shabby? Just like Maintenance Day, expect some looky-loos but a major upgrade could always use another body so rope them. Besides, now at least it looks like you're invested in their company when inviting them into your world.

If you time it right, Maintenance or Upgrade day arrives before Ride or Race day and you simply must get it done. Right? Now you've found at least two days free and perhaps some sanity.

Winterization Day

"Sorry, but I've got to winterize my dirt bike." (Filled in the blank for you.) No, you're not stuck upstream without a paddle if you live in an area where snow, rain, sleet and ice make it nearly impossible to ride. Winter starts just a few days before Christmas so it's perfect timing to change the oil and coolant, drain the gas and lube everything. Pull up "6 Tips for Dirt Bike and ATV Winter Storage" on the computer and leave it on the screen. Anyone who doubts your motives, well, you get the picture.

Hopefully, we've boosted your morale if it's running a bit low this Christmas season thanks to the pending arrival of guests. If you don't have a dirt bike or exhausted all of the above justifications for getting away, there's always the mall.

Maybe you can ride there.