In what seems like an endless production line of talent, Thomas Do is the latest French kid to show signs that a promising pro career lies ahead. Coming third in the Junior World Championships in Italy earlier this year and then doing well at the Marseille round of the European SX a couple of weeks back, Thomas could easily follow in the footsteps of Bayle, Pourcel, Musquin and many other French riders who've won the big titles.

Thomas, let's start by recapping the Junior World Champs in Italy, how did you find that event?

I enjoyed it. The racing was good and a lot of fast riders were competing. I had good speed all weekend and felt I could've won the class but I wasn't quite fast enough. Well done to the other riders who beat me. (Pauls Jonass from Latvia and Chase Bell from USA)

Was it good to race a lot of different riders than the usual guys in French championships?

I always like riding against good riders wherever they are from. I was glad the American riders came over but the other riders were also good from Europe. I wanted to win but third is still good and a podium position. Maybe next year I can do better.

The motocross season is over now, but you've been keeping busy riding supercross, how has that been going?

Supercross is fun, I like the different challenge. It is tricky but when it goes well, it really is fun. I've been doing a French series which I won in Villars sous Ecot. The tracks are small but still good for an 85 and winning is always good. I also rode the Marseille round of the Euro Supercross series, I was leading most of the race but made a mistake near the end and got passed. I tried to overtake but a collision happened and I went down and could only finish fourth. I wanted to win but (Kade) Walker was good and I am ok with it. I am disappointed not getting on podium but it was a hard race and I couldn't get going after the crash.

Obviously a lot of French riders have ridden in the AMA supercross series in America, is that something you want to do?

That is a long way off, I am still only on 85s but it is a dream. I just hope I can stay healthy and keep riding and having fun. If I keep practicing I will do well and maybe then I can do the races in America. I want to win things over here as well so America isn't the first goal but maybe one day.

What are your plans for next year then?

I will maybe move up to 125s but not for definite. I want to try the bigger bikes but I don't want to rush. I am still young and there is plenty of time. I will keep riding whatever is most fun as that is the important thing.

Thank you Thomas for speaking with us and for replying in English and good luck in your future motocross career.