2022 Arlington Supercross Recap

Everything is bigger in Texas, including Supercross crashes.

Round 8 of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross series held Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX brought the second Triple Crown event of the season, intense racing and one of the gnarliest crashes in recent memory.

In the 450 class, Eli Tomac didn't win any of the three races but came away the victor on a 3-2-2 night aided in part by Jason Anderson (6-1-1) who took himself, and Malcolm Stewart, out of checkers contention in Race 1. Anderson won the final two races for second overall and his encounter with Stewart also enabled Webb to get the race win and finish third overall.

In Race 1, while battling for the lead, Anderson's attempted take out of Stewart in a corner dropped both to the floor setting up a finish line showdown between Webb (riding fourth) and third-place Justin Barcia in the waning minutes. Webb worked his way past Barcia as the two finished first and second respectively, and Tomac third. Anderson rebounded for sixth and Stewart secured fifth.

Anderson kept in on two wheels in the second race and out-dueled Tomac in the third race for another win and second overall. The racer with the least points totaled from their finish in all three Triple Crown races wins the night. Webb took fourth in the final two races for third overall. Chase Sexton (4-3-5) and Stewart (5-6-3) rounded out the Top 5.

2022 Supercross 450 Class Standings after Round 8

  1. Eli Tomac
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Malcolm Stewart
  4. Cooper Webb
  5. Justin Barcia

In the 250 East class, series leader Jett Lawrence hit the dirt multiple times all night culminating in a midair collision with Austin Forkner in Race 3 that ended Forkner's night and maybe season.

In Race 1, Lawrence washed his front end out while leading on the first lap which dropped him to 18th. He pinned his way to third place just behind Cameron Mcadoo as Forkner took the checkers. Race 2 was uneventful with Lawrence taking the win ahead of Jeremy Martin and Mcadoo in third. Lawrence, Forkner and Mcadoo were tied in total points heading into the final contest.

In Race 3, Lawrence laid his bike down on the first turn, getting back up in last. He nearly bobbled out of the whoops, twice, furiously racing in the 10 minute race, but just before the finish line jump bounced off a tuff block which changed his trajectory in midair as he crossed in front of Forkner, who Lawrence had just passed, connecting his rear wheel with Forkner's front wheel sending both to the ground like colliding planes with about three minutes remaining. Forkner's night ended, Lawrence managed to finish 10th and secure third. Quietly, Martin (9-2-3) finished second overall despite going down midway through Race 3, and Mcadoo, who made headlines for his own spectacular crashes last year, took the victory on a 2-3-1 night.

No word yet on Forkner's condition but he was seen holding his right arm in obvious pain. UPDATE: Forkner broke his collarbone.

2022 Supercross 250 East Class Standings after Round 2

  1. Cameron McAdoo
  2. Jett Lawrence
  3. Jeremy Martin
  4. Austin Forkner
  5. Enzo Lopes

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In the 450 class, Alex Martin (20-16-14) finished 16th and in the 250 East class Enzo Lopes (11-7-6) took sixth overall, moving into the Top 5 for points while Phil Nicoletti (7-5-15) finished ninth overall and Jace Owen (14-13-4) took 11th.

Daytona is next as Supercross heads to Florida for Round 9 on Saturday.

2022 Arlington Supercross