Your new dirt bike needs some help.

OK, yes, it works (mostly) fine on all those stock parts. Riding it off the showroom floor with nary an upgrade won't cause it or you any harm. But! A few upgrades here and there not only offer noticeable improvements but goes a long way towards the longevity of the bike.

That's why it's no secret that many owners of new dirt bikes make almost immediate enhancements to their rides - sometimes in the thousands of dollars. However, after already investing thousands even $10,000 on a brand new dirt bike a lot of riders can't or don't want to pour more cash into an upgraded exhaust system, clutch or even wheels.

If that's you, don't worry about power enhancements and other performance tweaks, right now. Nevertheless, several upgrades allow you to get the most out of the dirt bike, enjoy that first ride and the ones to come. Therefore, consider these improvements as must-haves not nice-to-haves. It's just a handful of parts. Quite literally, actually.

Upgrade the Tubes

Paper thin isn't much of an exaggeration when describing stock tubes. Just imagine your letdown when that first ride ends after five minutes. It happens. Replace the stock inner tubes with heavy duty or extra heavy duty tubes and you'll drastically reduce the chance of a flat or blowout.

Upgrade the Grips

If you've invested in a new dirt bike it's probably safe to say the sport isn't new to you. So take a look at those stock grips and grab yourself a handful. You want to ride around on those? Manufacturers typically use a hard compound for the grips so they don't wear out. Do yourself a favor and get some comfy aftermarket grips like the pillow tops from Pro taper. Mmmm pillows.

Upgrade the Chain

The stock chain won't last long. Trust us. It'll stretch pretty quickly and it's nowhere near as strong as an aftermarket chain. So, replace it immediately. Why not burn through it then replace it, you ask. Because then you'll have to replace the sprockets. We always recommend replacing the chain and sprockets together regardless of wear. Pop the stock chain off, install a new one and your drive is ready to ride!

Upgrade the Chain Guide

The stock chain guide is just a step above a flimsy piece of plastic (though KTM makes a decent version). Regardless, aftermarket chain guides offer more strength, durability and a higher resistance to shock and wear. A chain guide upgrade is even more important if you hopefully took our suggestion and replaced the stock chain.

Upgrade the Exhaust

No, no, no. Not the entire exhaust system. If your new dirt bike is destined for the trails you'll likely need a spark arrestor. Ideally, you'd upgrade the entire exhaust system that includes an arrestor but like we said, that's not always financially feasible. Instead, buy a Fastway end cap for the stock system which makes you trail legal and saves you a whole lotta dough.

Now you're ready to ride. You won't spend more than $100 or so for most of these parts combined and the end result contributes to a trouble-free break-in period for your new dirt bike.

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