Heath Harrison all but guaranteed himself the winner of the 2015 MotoSport.com AX Tour "Clash for Cash" series with his sixth straight win on Saturday in Murfreesboro, TN.

Harrison has not lost in the Clash, the most lucrative of the three Main event races, and with Travis Sewell moving on to AMSOIL Arenacross as well as third-place Josh Cartwright who is 76 points back from Harrison with three Rounds remaining, Harrison cannot lose his lead in the Clash for Cash. He also took second in the AX Pro class which Sewell was also leading in points leading up to Round 6.

In addition to Sewell and Cartwright, the AX Tour lost several riders to the opening round of Arenacross including Steven Mages, David Ginolif, Mitchell Harrison and Cody Vanbuskirk, who sits in fourth-place in the Clash standings. Sewell will likely lose his lead in the AX Pro Lites class where he was undefeated this season. Harrison's second-place showing in the AX Pro class puts him ahead of Sewell in first-place for the AX Pro class.

Johnny Moore, who was crowned "King of the Clash" for 2014 and also took the top spot in the AX Pro class and second place in the AX Pro Lites class last year, is on another mid-season surge. Moore took first in the AX Pro Lites and AX Pro class and third in the Clash event on Saturday for his first podiums of the season. However, winning any of the classes this year or even reaching the final podium is unlikely since just 75 total points remain in each of the three classes.

The Clash for Cash event brings the Top 10 riders from the AX Pro and AX Lites races to compete head-to-head in a 20-lap main event. Riders earn points in each class as well as the Clash for Cash, which offers the highest payout of all the races. The new AX Tour season is capitalizing on last year's record breaking turn-out as more than 30 riders entered for both the AX Pro and AX Pro Lites classes. Additionally, more than $175,000 in cash and contingencies is up for grabs this year.

Round 7 of the MotoSport.com AX Tour is Saturday at the Forrest County Multi Purpose Center in Hattiesburg, MS. Buy tickets at Hattiesburg Cycles, 6412 UWS Highway 49 in Hattiesburg, MS.

AX Tour Round 6 Results

AX Pro Lites

  1. Johnny Moore
  2. Luke VonLinger
  3. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  4. Jared Lesher
  5. Jud Wisdom
  6. Tyler Nowlin
  7. Trey Launis
  8. Eric Moore

AX Pro

  1. Johnny Moore
  2. Heath Harrison
  3. Luke VonLinger
  4. Jud Wisdom
  5. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  6. Timmy Badour
  7. Jared Lesher
  8. Cameron Stone
  9. Jansin McCoy
  10. Trey Launius

Clash for Cash

  1. Heath Harrison
  2. Luke VonLinger
  3. Johnny Moore
  4. Zachary Bishop-Burnett
  5. Timmy Badour
  6. Jud Wisdom
  7. Jared Lesher
  8. Jansin McCoy
  9. Cameron Stone
  10. Tyler Nowlin

Clash for Cash Standings

  1. Heath Harrison (150)
  2. Travis Sewell (99)
  3. Josh Cartwright (74)
  4. Cody Vanbuskirk (63)
  5. Josh Osby (57)
  6. Luke VonLinger (56)
  7. Daniel Herrlein (54)
  8. Scott Zont (54)
  9. Jared Lesher (46)
  10. Jud Wisdom (38)