It's one of the more overlooked products on the market but Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebars offer competitive pricing while equaling, and some might say besting, the industry standard when it comes to steering control and quality.

What stands Mika out from the rest is their innovative advancement in patent-pending bar technology that gives you the benefit of a 1-1/8" oversized bar in a regular 7/8" bar. In fact, Mika goes so far as to market their product as the world's only 7/8-inch oversized bar. It works by allowing you to retain the current 7/8" bar mounts on your dirt bike by leaving the clamping area of the bar at 7/8-inch while the curvature points, or the "strength" of the bar is 1-1/8" in diameter.

The bottom line is go right ahead and oversize your handlebars and don't bother replacing the standard triple clamps - because you don't have to! Mika constructs their Hybrid Handlebars using aerospace 7075 aluminum and manufactures them to exact dimension specifications. Additional specifications include:

  • Fits in all standard 7/8" clamps and controls
  • Designed for maximum fatigue life
  • Includes injection-molded bar pad

Check out all the details of the Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebars. Mika also makes a Pro Series line includes a non-hybrid 7/8-inch handlebars as well as the regular oversized 1-1/8 inch handlebars.