Dirt bike riding offers a great way to strengthen your body, grow mental acuity, sharpen dexterity and learn how to compete.

It is often a family affair as the whole household is more or less involved when a member takes up the sport. Quite often, it's the children who the sport revolves around but it was the parent(s) who encouraged them. The sport does take up a lot of time especially as riders get better and start competing every week.

Therefore, parents tend to become drivers, cheerleaders and sometimes mechanics or even coaches for their children. In short, they get sidelined while their kids ride. Time may be a factor, but many benefits exist for the entire family to ride dirt bikes together.

Sharing a Personal Pastime

Some dads take their kids to the ball game, Moto dads and moms take their kids riding. What better way to share your own childhood love of riding then doing just that. What's awesome about dirt bikes is you're never too old to ride. Riding with your kids especially through former stomping grounds is an opportunity to bond with your children and allows them to learn more about you and share in your own childhood dreams.

Gets You and Your Kids off the Couch or Away from the Computer

Technology gets the better of all of us at one time or another. Get outdoors! Grab the family, a picnic lunch and load up the bikes. Spending a day riding trails together does more for a family than any TV show could ever do.

Create a Lifetime Passion

Dirt bike riding isn't easy. It's hard and not just the actual riding and staying upright but figuring out the brake, gas and clutch can be a bit overwhelming. Riding with your children gives you a great opportunity to correct mistakes and offer advice and suggestions on how to ride better and figure out the controls. If Moto Mom or Dad is right there to help a frustrated child relax, that child is more likely to stick with dirt bike riding rather than quit outright.

Be their Role Model

The stars of Supercross and Motocross might get your kids attention pretty quickly but the reality is your involvement in their life is much more impactful than the hero on TV. Children often emulate their parents and riding dirt bikes is no different. You can be the difference between raising a star of the track or a spode no one likes and who burns out quickly. You wear riding gear, your kids wear riding gear. Explaining to them the importance of always wearing protection is an invaluable lesson.

A Lifetime of Skills

Riding with your family gives you a chance to teach your children, good sportsmanship and how to be good stewards and representatives of the dirt bike community. Plus, the learning doesn't stop when the engine stops. Learning basic engine maintenance and other mechanic skills are lessons that last a lifetime and something your kids will teach their children.

Riding dirt bikes is a hobby and passion the whole family can enjoy. Some families have board game night, movie night or an outing at the ballgame. We have dirt bike riding. In an age where technology and other distractions tend to cut into family time, a day on the track or trail offers a fun and exciting adventure that is sure to bring back some of the closeness and tighten the bond.