Max Miller is a rising star in the world of Motocross. MotoSport found him a while ago and we realized pretty quickly how special it would be to sponsor the next Ricky Carmichael on the ground floor. Max is one of our more premier Amateur Sponsored riders.

Max recently qualified for Loretta Lynn's in the 65, (10-11) stock and the 65, (7-11) open classes at The Ranch MX in Anza, CA. He's also been asked to represent Team USA for the 2013 Junior Motocross World Championship in the Czech Republic a week after Loretta's. Great job Max!

We wanted to ask Max a few questions before he got so big his media days were too crowded with autograph seekers and interview requests that he didn't have any time for us! Go Max!

Age: 11

Years riding Amateur: 7

What age did you start riding and on what: 3, Honda 50

What do you ride now? KTM 65 and Yamaha 85

Hometown: Springfield, OR

Career highlights: Winning six national titles this spring in Texas and Alabama. Winning the best of the best at the Millcreek Spring Nationals

Other sports participated in: Basketball

Other hobbies/interests: Fishing, hunting, snow skiing and snow mobiling

  1. What got you started?

    I saw my brother's Honda 50 in the shop and wanted to ride it, but my parents wouldn't let me until I could ride my bike without any training wheels. After I could ride my bike good, I was able to ride the 50 and would ride around my yard until one day my dad took me out to ride at a track and I loved it.

  2. Motto you live by if you have one?

    If you're not first, your last. - "Ricky Bobby"

  3. If you weren't racing what would you be doing now?

    Play football and basketball like my brother.

  4. What advice would you give to someone looking to race?

    Don't race if you're not having fun. Make sure you're having fun.

  5. What's your favorite racing moment?

    Throwing whips and getting real low in corners.

  6. Is there a past or present rider you study to improve your race?

    Justin Hill, Josh Hill and Chris Alldredge.

  7. What's your pre-race ritual?

    Check to make sure the gas is on, feel the radiator to make sure it's warm and make sure the choke is off.