It's summer time!

The rain, snow and cold is long gone so it may surprise you that perfect riding weather still brings its share of headaches - literally in some cases. So, before you grab that helmet and jump on your bike take stock of the following products to stay comfortable and make your summer ride a memorable one.

Hydration Packs

This is probably the first product you'll want to pick up. Dehydration comes on quick and sometimes without warning. If you're concentrating on the terrain you may be oblivious to thirst or attribute any weakness as a result of riding. A hydration pack is light and fits like a backpack. Say goodbye to dehydration and stop interrupting your ride for drink breaks. Easy-to-use valves make sipping on water hassle free.




Cooling Vests

Cooling vests bring innovation to the track. Soak a cooling vest or t-shirt in water and wear it underneath all your other gear, close to your skin. Cooling vests and shirts work by cooling your body from the water soaked into the garment and then by the evaporation process.



You'll want to swap out your normal riding gloves for light-weight, breathable gloves. These gloves keep your hands cool and dry while maintaining a strong grip and protection from roost and anything else that might pepper your hands.



Jerseys made specifically for hot weather offer ultimate lightweight comfort with vented paneling to maximize airflow. Hot weather jerseys fit easily over body protection and are constructed with strong mesh materials to prevent snagging and tears.



Hot weather pants serve the same purpose as jerseys. Light weight mesh materials fit easily over body protection but with added vented paneling to enhance cooling and airflow for a more comfortable ride. For maximum effect check out our hot weather Pants, Jersey, Glove combos.



In the winter months strapping on body protection not only protects you from bumps and bruises but also keeps you warm. In the summer, you want the protection but not the stifling, heat trapping confines of heavier gear. Hot weather protection uses durable padding and specially designed stretch material for optimal ventilation.


Helmet Liner

The Scott brand No Sweat Beanie is worn under your helmet and works as advertised. It keeps sweat away from your eyes and the mesh top provides great air exchange keeping you cool and dry.


When it's break time you'll first remove your helmet and then your goggles. Goggles offer great protection from the sun and glare so if it's a bright, sunny day you'll want to keep your eyes protected without having to walk around with goggles strapped to your face. Your best defense to protect your eyes is a great pair of sunglasses. Grab your style - we have many - and relax between rides.



In addition to a great pair of sunglasses you can't go wrong wearing a hat between rides to keep the sun off your face. We've got one of the largest selections on the web of the most stylish hats in the industry by all your favorite brands. Throw one on while wrenching your ride or taking a break from the track. Whatever your needs - we've got you covered. Literally!