2020 WW Ranch Motocross Recap

Zach Osborne resumed control of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series with a resounding sweep in the 450 class on Saturday at the WW Ranch National in Jacksonville, FL.

Osborne who rides the Red Plate had a nearly 30 point lead in recent weeks cut in half after a flat tire at Spring Creek left him limping to the finish line in Moto 2 the previous round. At WW Ranch, Osborne capitalized on a Moto 2 crash from second-place Adam Cianciarulo, the winner of three of the previous four Motos, thus extending his lead back to 29 with two rounds remaining.

Cianciarulo (2-7) finished second in Moto 1 behind Osborne but the crash, which occurred after colliding with Marvin Musquin, left him with a fourth overall and only one point ahead of Musquin for the runner-up spot in the standings. Musquin endured a gnarly practice crash earlier in the day that slammed his head into the ground but he bounced back for second-overall on a (3-3) day. Three-time defending Champion Eli Tomac (6-2) who has only one Moto win and overall this season came to life in the second race and nearly caught Osborne for the win but settled on second and third overall.

Rookie Chase Sexton (4-5) rounded out the Top 5.

In the 250 class, Dylan Ferrandis also swept extending his lead to 13 over Jeremy Martin (3-3) who finished third on the tie breaker to Justin Cooper (4-2). Martin, a two-time 250 class Champion, worked his way up to the podium and prevented losing more points but laying it out all on the trac wasn't enough to catch the speedy Ferrandis, who has four straight Moto wins and seven on the year. Jett Lawrence (2-5) and Shane McElrath (7-4) rounded out the Top 5.

Motocross heads across the country to Colorado for Round 8 on Saturday at the Thunder Valley National.

Until then, live WW Ranch all again! Photos by Ryne Swanberg.

2020 WW Ranch Motocross