EVS got its start like many companies do - a solution to a problem. So, back in 1985 after numerous knee injuries and no knee brace to fit their need, the founders of EVS created their own - The AMX-5. This brace became the first knee brace specifically built for Motocross. Over the years the AMX-5 proved to be successful and quite popular with many athletes.

EVS revolutionized the industry in the 1980s and in 2012 unleashed a new knee brace that revolutionized the industry once again - the Axis Pro Knee Brace. In another industry first, the EVS constructed its Axis Pro Knee brace using aluminum and carbon fiber construction. Using a structural approach called monocoque utilized on the aluminum hinge, it allows for a low-profile structure resulting in a lightweight yet rigid brace.

EVS spent a lot of time ratcheting up the comfort level to this brace. The Axis Pro features an all new fit by incorporating such features as the Tru-Motion 2.0 Anatomically Correct Hinges to keep the brace in place even on long rides, and the Perfect FormFit Frame to provide impact protection and knee stabilization.

VitalMX.com gave the brace a 4/5 star review noting its Hybrid Technology Construction using carbon fiber and aluminum stood out as well as the upper knee floating protective cup and the bio-foam liner. The strap system kept the brace secure while allowing for an almost infinite adjustment. On the track, the brace performed as expected - unobtrusive, protective and helpful.

The reviewer noted the brace is not the narrowest brace on the market however the slightly larger profile allowed for a better grip of the bike using the knees. The only negative noted was the middle straps tighten up more than preferred. VitalMx declared EVS upped their game in knee protection and "it's a really good brace."

MotoSport sells the EVS Axis Pro Knee brace individually and as a pair. The pair comes with an EVS Knee Brace Bag. Ready to buy? Click here for additional specifications and features and order yours today!