Looking for a better alternative and more cost effective radiator to replace your busted, broken down OEM engine cooler? The Myler's SuperCool Radiator incorporates reinforced welded seams, a clear step or two above the typical pressed fit versions, all without breaking the bank.

Myler's left no details out and straight out of the box you can see the quality put into its construction. These radiators are designed for top performance and aggressive riding thanks to the thicker core that maximizes water cooling and gives increased strength. Additional specifications include:

  • All cap-side radiators feature a billet neck and radiator cap
  • Comes with rubber grommets, washers, and nut clips
  • Uses all stock mounting brackets
  • Has a "fused core"
  • One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

Myler's SuperCool Radiators can be purchased as a combo or individual left and right sides. The Myler's Radiator is not an OEM replica so if you prefer a smooth look for your dirt bike you might want to grab both sides (not applicable for ATV riders) when upgrading though, mechanically, installing just a left or right while keeping the stock on the other side works just fine.