You may be wondering how we're going to produce our weekly Look Ahead blog post when there's no pro race to look forward to, well, at least for the next few weeks anyways. Well, if you were able to catch our Around the Globe feature yesterday you'll know that we're dedicating all of next week to the infamous Loretta Lynn Amateur National. And lucky for you we decided to kick the show off a few days early with a special Loretta's edition of Look Ahead.

With over 1,600 entries it would be a tall task for us to break down every single potential winner, so instead we're going to go through and hand pick some of the more competitive classes and break things down that way. First up, the Pro class.


The pro class is broken up into three classes at Loretta's, Open Pro Sport, where riders can compete on 450 or 250 machines, 250 A and 450 A. Riders can only compete in two classes as Loretta's, so expect some of the competition to be split up. The most notable race of the weekend will arguably be the 250 A class, as most of the top riders in this class will move onto the pro nationals later in the summer.

We'd be lying if we said Justin Bogle wasn't the man to beat in this one. He swept all six motos at Loretta's last year and he's had one spectacular season this year as well. However, don't count out guys like Kyle Peters, Jessy Nelson, Gavin Faith and Jacob Hayes. These boys can roll and almost all of them have a Loretta's title under their belt, so they know how to get things done. This one is going to be one for the history books.


Like all the classes at Loretta's the Intermediate classes are split up into four. In that line-up are 250 B Stock and Mod and 450 B Stock and Mod. For sake of simplicity, we're going to highlight the names we feel have shined through in the intermediate class so far this season.

Atop the list has to be the Xtreme Rockstar Energy Suzuki tandem of Jeremy Martin and Justin Summers. The two have been racking up titles in 2011 like its their job and we don't see them stopping at Loretta's. However, there is plenty of talent that can get the job done outside of Martin and Summers. Joey Savatgy, Zach Bell, Cole Thompson and Thomas Covington have also proven to be top dogs in the intermediate class this year and all have Loretta's titles to their name.

Don't let the Intermediate tag fool you, these boys lay down fast laps equal to those of the pro class.


Three names pop up in the Supermini class that we feel may be some of the most accomplished names to ever come through the class. Yes, equal to those of the great James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael.

Adam Cianciarulo, Cooper Webb and Jordan Smith have proven dominant this year and barring any unforeseen circumstances, chances are you will see one of these names on top of the podium in every moto.

AC is the favorite, while Webb will be splitting time between his Supermini and his 250f, as he's quickly beginning to grow out of the smaller Supermini frame.

Not far behind these two is Jordan Smith. He's also grown quite a bit for his Supermini, but can throw down fast laps with the best of them when he's put to the test.

85cc 12-14

This class is stacked with so much up and coming talent that it's going to be almost impossible to pick a winner. From Luke Purther, Blake Green, Andrew Pierce, Tyler Pantley and Tommy Maxey to Darian Sanayei, Stone Edler, Jon Ames, Cameron Cannon and Alexander Frye, there are literally a dozen riders with the potential to take home moto wins.

If our hand was forced and we absolutely had to pick a favorite, we would have to go with Alexander Frye.

He was impressive at the Southeast Regional Qualifier in Tennessee and is known to save his best stuff for Loretta's.

But either way you slice it, this is going to be one of the marquee classes at the Ranch this year.


The fences are always packed to hear the buzz of the Schoolboy 1 class. The only class where riders compete on the beloved 125cc 2 Stroke, Schoolboy 1 is packed with the fastest riders from previous years Supermini class. It's difficult to compare talent throughout the years, but we'd be willing to say with confidence that this year's Schoolboy line-up matches that of the Izzi, Stroupe and Canard days. So who are the class favorites? There are a lot of them. Jace Owen and Chris Alldredge are probably the top two to watch out for, but there are a host of riders that are more than capable of taking home a title. Nicco Leocata and Anthony Rodriquez out of the MTF facility will have their sites set on gold, as will Nick Gaines and Matt Bisceglia. Some of the best racing of the week always seems to take place in this class, and we have a feeling 2011 will live up to expectation.

Remember to stay logged on next week as we bring you daily coverage of the 2011 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National.