Perhaps you noticed a familiar face riding with Jimmy Albertson last weekend in Houston. Kyle Regal, fresh off a fourth-place showing in the AMSOIL Arenacross series, joined the MotoSport Crossland Racing team last week for Supercross and made the Main his first time out.

Regal and Albertson who know each other also share many of the same sponsors so the transition was easy enough. Regal helped provide a 1-2-3 MotoSport finish for the LCQ in Houston by taking third place. Albertson was first and Cody Gilmore took second. In the Main, Regal ran solidly in 13th place until a mechanical failure ended his night prematurely. Overall, he finished in 18th place just behind Albertson.

Age: 22

Years riding pro: Five

What age did you start riding and on what: I started riding when I was 4 on a hand me down PW50 from my older sister Casaundra.

What do you ride now? Honda 450

Hometown: Howell, MI

Career highlights:

  • 2009 Outdoor Motocross Rookie Of The Year
  • Third overall at Freestone outdoor national 2010
  • Third overall at Millville

Other sports participated in: None

Other hobbies/interests: Golf, wake surfing, BMX.

Supercross Plate Number: 771

Photo by Josh Rud

1. You had a pretty successful season in Arenacross just eight points from landing in third place. Were you happy with the results?

Yes and no because I had one bad weekend and it was a two-night race so it cost me a lot in points. I was happy how the end of the season went other than that and the whole Tuf racing crew was awesome!

2. No sooner than Arenacross ends you climb aboard the MotoSport Crossland Racing team to ride out the rest of the Supercross season - how'd that happen?

Well, Jimmy Albertson and I both use Merge Racing for suspension and motors so we ride a lot with each other throughout the year and we've been talking recently. It was an easy transition because we had a lot of the same sponsors.

3. How do you adjust from Arenacross to Supercross?

It was tough to adjust because I literally had 15 minutes on the bike before the race on Saturday so I went from an Arenacross track on a Lites bike, to a 450 on a Supercross track.

4. Looks like you adjusted pretty well! Was 18th in Houston a success for you?

My goal for the night was to do 20 laps and I wasn't able to because of a weird bike failure but I was running around 13th before that happened and I would have been happy with that.

5. What went well, what didn't go well for you in Houston?

I got into the main event and rode a decent 10 laps! What didn't go well in Houston was the bike malfunction but other then that I couldn't have been happier with the bike and everyone on the MotoSport Crossland team!

6. Will we see you in Outdoors?

Possibly racing outdoors not 100 percent sure yet but I'd do it in a heartbeat with the right opportunity.

Photo by Josh Rud

7. For 2015, you looking at a return to Arenacross or a full Supercross season?

I want to be riding back with the best riders in the world and be the best I can be in 2015 on a Lites bike.

8. In 2009, you skipped the amateur national circuit and went right into pros - looking back now five years later, would you make the same decision?

I would make the same decision 100 percent because I knew I was ready to step up and race with the pros and more importantly get experience.

9. You've competed in Arenacross, Supercross and Motocross - what's your favorite and why?

I'd say Motocross just because a lot of things come into factor with the weather and dirt changes. It also helps that I tend to do a little better in Motocross!