There's no such thing as just a dirt bike rider.

Rather, people who ride dirt bikes fall into one of several categories or types of dirt bike riders. The type of dirt bike rider is dependent on where the rider usually frequents and how often. Not everyone can jump on their bike every day or climb up the ranks at the local track. Some riders never set tread on a track while others prefer the soft luxury that is sand.

We want to know what type of rider you are. We've listed some definitions below to help figure out where you fit in but if you've been riding a while you probably already know what type of rider you are.

Woods Rider

You love the outdoors and riding over the same terrain is a waste of time. Rain or shine you can ride as far as a tank of gas allows. Some people jump in the car to see where the road takes them. You jump on your bike and see where the trails lead.

Riding in the woods

Desert Rider

The desert is where it's at. Dusty trails intertwining between cactus and dodging rattlesnakes or the dunes like in Palm Springs. It doesn't matter as long as you're riding in the desert. Bring on the heat in the summer or the cold in winter, it gets no better than desert riding.

Riding in the High Desert

Dune Goon

No, this isn't an insult you just really like sand dunes and believe sand offers the best riding. It's hard to argue against the massive sloping jumps and deep valleys that offer every rider a personal roller coaster experience. The Dune Goon can also crossover as a Desert Rider since some areas of the Southwest are all desert and all sand.

Dune Riding is where it's at for some riders

Weekend Warrior

You've got a day job and it's riding on the weekends that get you through each and every work week. Moreover, your job is what gives you the means to spend your weekend riding. The Weekend Warrior gets a special privilege because they also fit into a subtype. Weekend Warriors spend Saturdays and Sundays in the woods, desert or Motocross track.

The Weekend Warrior

Local Pro

On your local track or even regionally, you're somewhat of a celebrity among the rest. Local pros tear up their home track and riding professionally as a career is front and center on your mind. The Local Pro rides and trains like those in Supercross or Motocross and might even qualify for a few events.

Local Pro Jessie Wharton


The privateer is one step up from the Local Pro. You're now a bona fide racing professional, regularly compete in pro events and usually qualify for the Main or Motos. As a Privateer you have sponsors and probably making enough money to get from race to race. But no factory ride yet and you're scrapping along trying to prove yourself against the headliners in racing.

Our Privateer - Jimmy Albertson

Factory Rider

You've finally made it. Now among the elite, the Factory Rider boasts a big contract, rarely falls out of the Top 10 in races and contends for the podium every week in Supercross and Motocross. All the hard work finally paid off - in more ways than one!

Weston Peick got a factory ride for the 2014 Motocross season

These titles are not all-inclusive. You may be a Weekend Warrior who only rides in the Dunes! If you live in certain parts of the country you may have no choice but to ride in the woods. Mostly though, the best thing about dirt bike riding is it always offers a challenge.

So, if you tend to ride only trails or the Motocross track try giving it up for the other. It'll be a whole new adventure and introduce you to a different realm of the sport.