There aren't many people in the world that are compared to Kevin Windham when it comes to natural talent, style and ability. Brett Cue is one of those few - and 30,000 Instagram followers tend to agree. Brett's love for riding dirt bikes and friendly personality has been winning over fans in recent years as his talent has been pushing him into the spotlight. From building pools in Oklahoma to competing in contests with the most famous freestyle riders in the world - BQ is the poster child for having a raw passion for dirt bikes.

Brett hired on at MotoSport earlier this month as Marketing Brand Manager after we talked him into moving out West and he jumped at the opportunity to combine his passion with his career. Learn more about him in this exclusive profile of Brett Cue!

Age: 27

Years riding pro: 9

What age did you start riding and on what: 10 years old on a 1976 XR 75

What do you ride now? 2013 Honda CRF 450

Hometown: Enid, Oklahoma

Career highlights: Raced some outdoor nationals in 2010. Amateur national champion in 2005 in the 450 Intermediate class.

Other sports participated in: Anything with two wheels!

Other hobbies/interests: Fishing

  1. How did you get started on a dirt bike?

I watched my dad ride for years when I was little. I always loved being around the track, but was too scared to ride until I was 10. One day, something clicked. I got a bike the next day and haven't looked back since.

  1. You went the freestyle route vs. racing - what interested you in this?

I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a freestyle rider because I can only do a small fraction of the tricks that they all do. I have raced for years and still do today, but it isn't my main focus. If anything, I would consider myself a freerider. I just love going out to ride with my buddies and hitting jumps. If I feel like doing motos, I do. If I feel like doing whips all day, I do. My number one goal is to have fun on my dirtbike. If I'm not having fun, there's no reason to be out there.

  1. You love the whip - describe how the ultimate whip goes down for you.

First of all, you have to have a good jump for it. My favorite is an 80'+ gap with a very steep face and a long, tall landing. I also really like to seat bounce when I whip. I come up to the face sitting as far back on the seat as possible, get on the gas as late as possible to compress the suspension, carve from one side to the other off the face, lean to the side and throw it down.

  1. What's going through your mind when you're sideways on your bike doing a whip 50 feet off the ground?

Honestly, you would probably be surprised at the randomness that goes through my head when I'm riding. I feel like the less I think about what I'm doing, the better off I am. A common thought that I have when I'm riding or jumping is what I'm going to eat afterwards.

  1. Is there a past or present rider you study to improve your skills?

I looked up to a few riders growing up. Guys like my dad, Guy Cooper, Kenny Bartram, Travis Pastrana and Kevin Windham are the main ones. I have tried to take the qualities I like about each of their riding styles and personalities to develop my own.

  1. What was your experience like competing in the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip contest at the 2013 Monster Energy Cup?

I had such a blast in Las Vegas for Monster Cup. The result wasn't exactly what I had hoped for, but it was a great experience for me none the less. I feel like I rode well and represented myself and to the best of my ability. It was just a stepping stone for what's to come.

  1. Any future competitions you plan on competing in?

I am hoping to be invited to more whip competitions coming up. I will attend anything I get invited to. Other than that, I would like to do some more racing and one-off events in the future. If I'm on my dirtbike, I'll be having a blast.

  1. What are you doing for MotoSport?

I will be doing tech tip, how to and riding videos to promote I will also be going to events to represent the company. I really enjoy everyone I've met here and couldn't be happier to be a part of it.