If there's one thing dirt bike and ATV riders share in common it's using FilGuard oil and air filters. In fact, most buyers of one purchase the other because equipping your ride with two of the industry's best filtering systems just makes sense and saves you dollars.

On the oil side, FilGuard makes a premium paper filter and a stainless steel filter. The choice is yours. Some riders love the stainless steel because it's reusable, lasting the life of the bike, and made from stainless steel micronic filter cloth which filters particles down to 35 microns. It can be used with all engine oils. The paper filter, of course is used once, but brings filtering down to 10 microns.

On the air side, FilGuard offers a pre-oiled dual stage or a dry version. Both dual stage filters feature two-layer bonded foam with the outer foam designed to trap large particles and the inner foam trapping small dust particles. Both products are the same, one is just pre-oiled using FilGuard Bio Air Filter Oil saturated in a machine that applies the oil uniformly without excess. It's ready for installation out of the box. It's recommended you use the FilGuard Bio Air Filter Oil for the dry version, as well.

Check out all available products from FilGuard for dirt bikes and ATVs.