You have the perfect dirt bike set-up, but do you have the perfect garage set-up?

You probably can't get the perfect bike set-up without the perfect garage set-up.

Working on your dirt bike, also known as wrenching, becomes part of the riding lifestyle. Some riders love it, almost as much as riding (maybe), others dread it because of the time involved and necessary patience to get the job done right.

Whether or not you like to get your hands dirty (in the garage), performing your own maintenance saves a lot of money. However, a big obstacle to properly maintaining your dirt bike often comes from not having the right tools. Without the right dirt bike tools at arm's reach in your Motocross garage, you can expect a lot of frustration and more importantly you won't develop the necessary skills to advance your maintenance abilities.

Must Have Dirt Bike Tools for Garage

Expect to build on your collection of dirt bike tools over the years, especially if you plan on doing more than oil and filter changes, but we consider the following must-have essential tools for your garage workshop.

1. Dirt Bike Tire Changing Stand

One of the more challenging maintenance projects includes changing a dirt bike tire. Learning this art, and it is an art, saves you money but lots of time. And, since tire blow outs can happen on the track or trails, knowing how to install a dirt bike tire sometimes allows you to keep riding.

We recommend the MotoSport Tire Changing Stand . A must-have in the garage, this stand breaks down so you can bring it to the track or trails. The MotoSport Tire Changing Stand also adjusts in height from 20" to 32" allowing you to find the sweet spot for your height when working and it keeps you off the cold, hard floor. If you currently change your dirt bike tires sitting on the ground, this stand will change your dirt bike wrenching life.

One problem you can expect to encounter when using the stand is from all the tire change requests from your riding friends. Use this to your advantage: Free beer.

2. Turner Hardware Kit

Your garage probably has racks of nuts, bolts and screws for everyday chores and household maintenance. You will want the same for your dirt bike garage.

Routine dirt bike maintenance requires a thorough review of any missing hardware that routinely falls off after a day of riding. Therefore, invest in a metric hardware kit that works on not only dirt bikes, but ATVs and some street bikes. Or if preferred for you Honda riders, get a hardware kit specific to Honda CR/CRF models . If you ride KTM, GasGas or Husqvarna then you'll need a hardware kit for European dirt bikes.

Track day specific hardware packs save room thanks to the compact size but provide enough replacement bolts, nuts, washers and screws to keep you riding. Check out this Japanese manufacture pack or the Honda CR/CRF track hardware kit .

3. HP Tools Mini T-Handle Set

Big things come in small packages and that's what you get in this HP Tools Mini T-Handle set that comes with 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 mm six-point sockets and a #2 Philips driver with 1/4" drive at all ends. Small and compact, this T-handle allows you to reach more difficult areas on your dirt bike and you just might slip this in your pocket for easy access as you work in the garage.

4. Spoke Wrench Kit

You can probably find something in your garage to tighten the spokes on your dirt bike but the HP Tools Spoke Wrench Kit features 6.0, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6, 6.8, 6.9, and 7.0 mm heads and makes it simple to go around the wheel and give one last tug before heading out. Take care of the wheels on your dirt bike, you paid a lot for them.

5. Digital Vernier Caliper

Digital vernier what? When it comes to dirt bikes, precision often makes the difference between taking the checkers or finishing second. It can also determine whether you enjoy a long day of riding.

The HP Tools Digital Caliper makes it easy to measure bolt sizes, check the size of a piston or the wear limit on some clutch components, not to mention a number of other uses. In short, you can find out quickly whether you need to replace some parts. No more squinting or doubting if you read right, this digital caliper makes it easy to record a reading precision of 0.01 mm and 0.0005 mm. Available in dual reading or a triple reading that features a fraction conversion.

Your garage workshop of dirt bike tools doesn't stop here. You may want to add a Slacker Sag Scale to the list. You see, the more you ride the more you will want to work on your dirt bike which means more stuff. But, these tools allow you to perform overall general maintenance and stay on top of recommended service intervals.