Wouldn't it be nice to change the grips on your dirt bike in seconds rather than the current tedious process involving glue and wire ties? Now you can.

ODI Lock-On Grips completely eliminates the need for glue which means no more cutting the old ones off, cleaning the dried glue from the handlebars, adding the new glue, making a mess and then waiting for the glue to dry. Of course, depending on what type of glue used, you can ride the same-day or you'll have to wait overnight.

ODI Lock-On Grips snap on and snap off. It's that easy. Just slide the grip on and clamp down with one bolt on the collar. The throttle side comes with a throttle tube (eliminating one more expense) so you just take the old one off and replace it. ODI guarantees 100 percent slip-free performance and the knockout ends accommodate handguards.

The most popular line is the ODI V2 Half-Waffle Lock-On Grips but Jeff Emig makes a pretty cool throwback version, as well. Check out all of the available ODI grips for dirt bikes and ATVs.