Jarrett Frye is one name you should expect to hear about, a lot, in the future. Jarrett is part of the MotoSport.com Amateur Rider Support Program and for good reason. He's got loads of potential and excels in both Supercross and Motocross.

Brett Cue describes him as a very well-spoken young man who flies under the radar despite stepping on the podium for some of the most stacked mini divisions at the biggest amateur nationals in racing. Case in point, last summer Jarrett finished second overall with a Moto win in two classes at Loretta Lynn's after fighting to the very end.

Most recently, he competed in the Mini Os and though he had a rough go of it for some of the Motocross portion of the competition he had a pretty successful week in Supercross. He finished third in the Mini Sr (12-15) class, fourth in the 85 (12-13) class, fifth in Supermini 1 (12-15) class and took home a Championship in Supermini 2 (13-16).

Like a lot of riders his age, Jarrett doesn't attend traditional school but instead uses an online homeschooling program that he started about two years ago to keep up with his education. The Millsaps Training Facility, where he works out and rides, also provides a teacher on sight for additional help, if needed.

Racer X recently listed him as a 2019 pro prospect so keep an eye out in the amateur ranks because he's already started climbing.

Age: 14

Years Riding: 10 years

Pro plans: 2019

What age did you start riding and on what: I started riding at 4 years old around the yard on a PW50. My first race was on a KTM 50 mini adventure.

What do you ride now: Right now I'm racing a KTM 85 and Supermini

Hometown: Mechanicsville, MD

Career Highlights:

  • Supercross Championship Supermini 2 - Mini Os 2015
  • 2nd Place overall in Mini Sr. 1 and Mini Sr. 2 - Loretta Lynn's 2015
  • 3rd place in Supermini at Daytona 2015
  • Monster Energy Cup invite - 2014
  • Motocross Championship 85 (9-11) - Mini Os 2013

Other sports participated in: I played basketball a few years ago but it got to be too hard with my race schedule and coaches were not too happy with me missing games to go racing so racing won that battle.

Other hobbies interests: I like to go fishing and I'm really into MX Simulator at the moment.

1. How did you get started riding a dirt bike?

Actually my brother who is now my mechanic had started riding and racing first. I used to watch him all the time. One day, I decided I wanted to ride and got on a PW50 my dad had waiting for me, just in case. I got on that thing, hit a tree in the yard and never looked back!

2. At what point did riding dirt bikes turn from a hobby into an athletic endeavor?

I started racing local stuff and was winning so we started doing qualifiers for Loretta's then started adding other Nationals and it's just continued to progress from there.

3. You've got a few years to go before turning pro, what's the path look like for you to get there?

I have probably another year on the 85 and two more years in Supermini before I jump to the big bikes. We'll see how it goes from there.

4. At your age, you're juggling two jobs - school and training. How do you balance the two?

I normally do most of my training and riding the first part of the day. Evenings and weekends are school time. Of course, break times like now is good to get that extra schoolwork done so you have a little more freedom during the weeks of Nationals.

5. With the time investment and sponsorships, in many respects you're a professional athlete now. What's the most challenging aspect about Moto life for you?

You know I just love to ride. The hard part for me is learning to do all the sponsorship things, like Instagram and such. I always want my talent on the bike to shine through so I focus on that a lot but these days that's just a part of it. You have to be the total package and I am striving to be that!

6. Does training at your level consist primarily of riding days or do you have a personal trainer and you're incorporating the gym, road biking, etc. like the pros do?

I train full time at Millsaps Training Facility so we ride and are in the gym four to five days a week.

7. What's the most memorable battle on the track you've been involved in?

Loretta's this year for sure. The championships in both of my classes came down to the last Motos. I made some mistakes and just didn't get the wins but I definitely turned some heads that week!

8. You had a pretty good get-off in September, what happened?

I was training for the Monster Cup, landed wrong on a jump and broke both of my wrists. It was one of those freak things. I was out until the end of October, just in time to get some training in before the Mini Os. I would say this was probably the most significant injury since I was unable to use both my arms for a while.

9. How was it getting back on the bike after sustaining such a big injury?

After any injury, just having to sit out by the time you are cleared you are just ready to get back on the bike there is no fear factor. You just want to ride again; it's in your blood.

10. You recently spent Thanksgiving week at the Mini Os. How did it go?

Mini Os had some ups and downs since it was my first race back from injury but I managed to come away with one championship in Supercross in Supermini 2.

11. What's coming up next?

Well, I just headed home for two weeks for Christmas. Then it's back to MTF for training. I will probably hit some of the Winter Amateurs and get ready for the Spring Nationals.

Written By: AndrewT