If we told you there's a new sport that doesn't involve dirt or even Motocross but you'd probably like just as much, maybe even more, would you believe us?

Ok, how about if we said you could still ride your dirt bike?

The difference? Instead of tires you ride on a sled and track. Just like a snowmobile but better.

The snow bike, or snowbike, is not a new concept. Basically, it's a snow dirt bike. Several companies in fact, like Timbersled and 2Moto, have been around for years manufacturing snow bike conversion kits and there's even a festival that features snow bike racing, just like a Motocross or Supercross race, only on a snow track using your dirt bike converted into a snow bike.

Here's the deal - If you own a dirt bike then you own a snow bike. You just need the conversion kit that removes the front and rear tire and adds a ski on the front and the track on the rear.

A snow bike is powered by the same engine as your dirt bike, no other changes required. With the maneuverability available on your dirt bike, which is unlike anything a snowmobile offers, your now newly converted snow bike takes you places you'd never venture. Hill climbs are a snap - switchback your way up - riding down is even easier with all the control and stability. You can even stop midway. You'll be itching to go "off-road" through the woods winding between trees and riding on narrow snow covered dirt bike trails with ease. Or not. Unlike dirt bike trails, you don't have to stay on the paths when riding a snow bike. You can go pretty much anywhere the snow leads you.

Snow bikes are hundreds of pounds lighter than a snowmobile and they don't fall over because the ski and track stick in the snow. You don't even have to brace your feet on the ground!

And yes, you can still take jumps.

So, what's a snow bike conversion kit cost? Well, about as much as a new dirt bike. But think of it this way - you're getting a brand new toy.

The snow bike conversion kit takes a few hours to install but requires no modifications to your dirt bike. It's really as simple as removing the dirt bike tires and replacing those with the ski and track. Available kits provide everything needed, including suspension, for complete assembly. Ideal engine sizes are 250cc and bigger. The Timbersled snow bike conversion kits work best with 450cc and larger engines.

What's more, you've got all the necessary riding gear, though we'd suggest checking out Get Prepared for Winter Dirt Bike Riding for additional tips for handling the snow. Plus, once you're done you've got all the parts for general maintenance just like after a day on the track.

Not all of us live in the southern half of the country where dirt bike riding is year round. But those who shovel snow every winter as part of their weekly or even daily chores can get a true seasonal experience riding a dirt bike. All you need is a snow bike conversion kit.