Launch control or holeshot devices have probably prevented more loop-outs and injuries than just about any other aftermarket add-on to a dirt bike.

But they weren't always the most user friendly contraptions...until now.

Pro Taper SELA

The Pro Taper SELA (Self-Engaged Launch Assist) has revolutionized the holeshot device arena in the same way the holeshot device revolutionized the full throttle start at the gatedrop. Like traditional holeshot devices, the Pro Taper SELA allows you to temporarily compress the motorcycle's front suspension to prevent a wheelie when accelerating. But unlike traditional start or launch devices, the SELA does not require two people to set it.

Normally, the rider rolls forward and hits the front brakes hard to lift the rear of the dirt bike which compresses the front suspension. A second person pushes a button or lever on the fork guard to engage the launch device. Or you can force compress the suspension by using ropes and other tie-downs, The Pro Taper SELA eliminates the need for any of this and allows the rider to efficiently engage the device by themselves.

How the Pro Taper SELA Device Works

The Pro Taper SELA features a twist control set-up that locks the forks in place after compression. The rider merely needs to engage the SELA by using the twist control and compress the front forks. The Pro Taper SELA takes over from there. Like a traditional launch control system, the SELA device prevents a loop out and disengages on the next compression of the forks once you get up to speed. Read "What is a Holeshot Device?" For more information on how they work.

The Pro Taper SELA has proven especially helpful for solo riders, if you can't have an assistant at the gate and for practicing starts without needing someone nearby to help with constantly engaging the launch control device.

Installing the Pro Taper SELA

Installing the Pro Taper SELA is nearly as easy as setting it. A dual-hinged receiver ring allows for quick and convenient installation without removing the front wheel or fork. The SELA works on most full-size, late-model motocross bikes.

Check out the Pro Taper SELA page for additional information and to purchase.