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Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

55 Results

Most Recent Chain Maintenance Reviews

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool Mike - Northern California Does what it's meant to do. "Easy to use and seems to be very accurate and well made. Only four stars because it is not really necessary. The marks on the axle blocks are very accurate, the urban myth that they are not might have been true in the past but it would be more difficult to manufacture them inaccurately in bulk than to do them all identically. I bought this only because I wanted the free shipping and it does save you the trouble of going back and forth on the different sides of the bike while aligning the rear wheel."
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Silkolene Pro Chain Lube Silkolene Pro Chain Lube Wyatt J - Statesvegas The best I've Used "Every time I try another brand I always come back to this flavor. It goes on nice and clean, tacks up good and cleans up easy with a little Honda Bright and a scrub brush. Anytime I loan out this chain lube I always get good feedback. This is the only brand I buy now!"
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