In some respects, Mobius has redefined safety when it comes to riding dirt bikes. The company's X8 line for knee and wrist protection offer an unparalleled system of support and protection while maintaining a standard level of comfort sought by the most demanding rider.

The Mobius X8 Knee Brace uses the company's patent pending Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) technology which externally reinforces all of the cruciate ligaments and resists hyper extension, bending and rotation. The X8 knee brace offers such advanced protection many insurance providers offer healthcare coverage for those who need it.

The Mobius X8 Wrist Brace also uses the CCRS which crosses the wrist joint longitudinally and transversely resisting hyper-extension by acting as the body's own ligaments. Riders feel little to no migration and the brace comes fully lined with EVA foam while using a palm-free design for uninhibited and unrestricted grip.

The Mobius X8 Knee Braces come as a pair and the X8 Wrist Brace sells individually featuring symmetrical sizing (no left or right designation).

Check out all the specs including additional information on the CCRS as well as sizing information for the X8 Knee Brace and X8 Wrist brace. For all Mobius products sold on MotoSport click here.