Tired of the gooey mess and the wire tightening when changing grips? Remove this hassle as well as stripping off the old grips from here on out with Pro Taper's new clamp-on grips. An industry favorite, Pro Taper offers three styles of clamp-on grips:

All three clamp-on versions use the latest in technology for effortless installation while eliminating the need for glue and safety wire. Pro Taper designed their clamp-on grips with a slimmer profile so, unlike other clamp-on grips, feel more like a normal grip. Also, these grips contain a "Windowed Core" on the clutch side that minimizes the outer grip diameter while increasing impact and vibration for improved comfort and control.

Pro Taper also designed the clamping mechanism to fasten the cam on the throttle tube to eliminate any possibility of slippage. Check out all available grips made by Pro Taper.