After two years and dozens of test products No Toil finally found the right formula.

The only non-toxic and biodegradable dirt bike and ATV air filter oil on the market, No Toil changed the game and purified the post-ride clean-up process in 1998 with the introduction of a proprietary blend of air filter cleaner and filter oil that, when blended, turns into soap and easily drains down the sink.

Bob Jensen founded No Toil after tiring of the toxic fumes from the traditional method of using gas to clean air filters. The idea was not starting an industry-respected company but rather to make the clean-up process easier, cleaner and allow him to get back to the track sooner. A number of products and formulas were tested - including honey, but the sweet stuff simply drained off and filled the air box.

No Toil uses plant-based oil for its flagship product that fully blends into the foam filter allowing the maximum amount of air to pass through while trapping the finest of dirt particles. The No Toil filter cleaner naturally turns the filter oil into soap in just a few minutes without harsh chemicals or fumes thereby eliminating the need to find an environmentally proper way of disposal. Just pull the drain plug! No Toil is less toxic than most shampoos and also works in the washing machine. Not that you need any more convincing of the product's efficacy, but No Toil private labels for Honda (Pro-Honda) and Yamaha (Yamalube). Watch the video above for a complete demonstration.

In addition to air filter oil, No Toil produces a line of air filters to suit the needs of all riders. Their popular Dual Stage Air Filter is available dry or pre-oiled, with, of course, the company's own air filter oil. The Dual Stage Air Filter features two different pore sizes to trap the smallest of dust particles while maintaining unrestricted airflow.

If you're looking for increased horsepower, No Toil's Super Flow Air Filter Kit opens the intake and allows more air to the engine by replacing the stock filter and cage. The new cage fits tight and secure, replacing the usual backfire screen with a flame-retardant inner lining. The Super-Flo filter also resists flames and sparks and is pre-oiled with No Toil's famous plant-based oil that brings a higher flash point than conventional oil.

Today, the family-owned business continues manufacturing its popular air filter oil and cleaner as well as other biodegradable lubricants and air filter parts. No Toil proudly makes all their products in the United States and assembles their air filters by hand in California.

Check out the No Toil Filter Maintenance Kit which includes the filter oil and cleaner. For all No Toil products click here.